Top Tools For Static Analysis

Discover different static analysis tools used by developers as part of the development and component testing process.

What are Static Analysis Tools

Static analysis tools are an extension of compiler technology – in fact, some compilers do offer static analysis features. It is worth checking what is available from existing compilers or development environments before looking at purchasing a more sophisticated static analysis tool.

The critical aspect is that the code (or another artifact) is not executed or run. The source code we are interested in is the input data to the tool.

Best Tools for Static Analysis


This tool scopes an amount of time that works best for your company’s code. Raxis has a security-focused former developer for analyzing your code. They provide a report that supports each discovery with screenshots and detailed remediation advice.

Rips Tech

RIPS performs language-specific security analysis. Actually,this is the only tool which is capable of doing that. It detects the most sophisticated security vulnerabilities deeply nested within the source code that no other devices can find. It supports significant frameworks, relevant industry standards, and SDLC integration.


PVS-Studio can detect bugs and also security weaknesses in the source code of programs. It is likewise capable of working in Linux, macOS, and Windows environment.


Talking about technology, Kiuwan is a SAST and SCA platform with the most extensive coverage and integrations. Kiuwan achieves outstanding benchmark scores with a DevSecOps approach. This tool offers a wealth of features that go beyond static analysis, catering to every stakeholder in the SDLC.


Kritika.IO can analyze your code and give information on your code style, complexity, code smells, and duplications. It can also examine open source dependencies licenses. Kritika likewise finds identified weaknesses.

Kritika.IO can integrate with GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. The progressive pricing it uses depends on the quantity of analyzed code. Open source projects analysis is entirely free and at the same time, comes with full features. It supports Perl and Tcl, among other unique languages.


An intelligent software analytics platform, static analysis tool Gamma, is developed by Acellere. Developers and also teams are supported by Gamma. Hence, when it comes to building higher quality software in a short period of time. This process is made possible because code reviews are sped up.

Moreover, Gamma provides clear visualizations. With its multi-vector diagnostic technology, it analyses software from multiple lenses, including software design, and hence enables companies to manage and likewise improve their software quality transparently.

Top Tools For Static Analysis

In Conclusion

To ease our work, different kinds of static analysis tools are available in the market today. They help to analyze the code during the development. And therefore detect harmful defects in the early stages of the SDLC. These kinds of defects may be resolved before the code is pushed for functional QA. However, an error found later is always expensive to fix.

Static analysis tools make code analysis easier for IT experts. However, it is important to right tools for the project to generate a positive output.

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