How To Test Websites

Discover how websites are tested through this post. Testing websites may be tedious, but it is a necessary process. How are websites tested?

By testing websites, we can explore its functionality, reliability, and performance. This is to ensure that a site or app works for its users. 

Challenges of Website Testing

Automated functional tests

Automated functional tests allow developers and QA departments to design, write, and execute quickly. 

Unit testing

Unit tests are used by developers to review the execution of code and gain metrics about statement execution. It is still tricky to thoroughly go through every line of code. 

Finicky CSS

Developers will have a safety net by signing a website using a template supported by its team of professionals for troubleshooting.

The design could look fabulous on one screen but weird on another. Hence, this depends on the browser being used. It is essential to test for the many environments that might house the web design.

Happy path testing

Happy path testing may either be done manually or may be automated. However, the happy path testing is not enough. Users do not always do what is expected of them. Moreover, they do not read instructions. Also, they get confused. Furthermore, hey do several things at once and do not pay attention to. They could even be maliciously trying to break your site. However, testing should not only confirm that things are work according to plan. But must also try to trigger problems and confuse the system.

Web Testing for Web Designer

Site speed

The size of your pages and their load time must be checked. Hence, Google’s site speed test may be used for this. Because site speed is a ranking factor, any improvements Google suggests must be followed as closely as you can.


Is your website mobile-friendly. Frankly, it is challenging not to building a multi-device compatible website.


Your website’s pages must be checked to make sure they do well in regular browsers. 


There are instances where a font code is dropped into a page. Hence, making the page look extraordinary. In this case, the formatting is inconsistent. Therefore it must be checked. 

Web Testing for Web Developers


Minify combines and also compresses website code into smaller chunks. This is done to speed up your site. You can read more about it at Google. Then, look at the website pre-launch to see if the site is using minify where it can.

404 pages

When a 404 (“page not found”) error occurs, make sure you have a custom page to help your visitor find something else of use. Even if it was not what they were looking for. Do you have an HTML sitemap there? Do the 404 pages include a site search?

Wrapping Up

Websites must definitely be tested to find out if it has defects. It this is so, then these issues may be identified and fixed right away. Therefore we can be assured that the website will function and deliver as it should, the way it is expected to.

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