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Agile And Collaboration Tools

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Collaboration simply means to work together. Agile methodologies stress the benefits of working with cross-functional teams. Collaboration is also very important between members of the technical team.  Agile methodologies promote frequent and face-to-face communication between all team members, rather than working in functional silos. Thus, the Agile Manifesto highlight the emphasis that Agile methodologies place on strong collaboration. Scrumwise The goal of Scrumwise is to create the most intuitive and friendly Scrum tool on the market. This tool must be something that your team can start using immediately. Hence, even without any introduction or training. Likewise, without complexity getting in the way of your

Best QA Tools For 2019

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Quality assurance plays a very vital role in software development. The functionality and quality of software rely largely on QA. Quality assurance use tools to perform tasks. Thus, delivering satisfactory results and generating products of the best quality. Let us take a look at the tools to watch out for in quality assurance for 2019. Test Automation Testing team can focus their time and efforts on creating test cases rather than managing testing needs with test automation. It helps to track and manage all testing needs. Also, the types of testing required along with the test coverage. IoT Testing Internet of Things (IoT) technology is gaining traction, connecting more devices than ever. IoT testi...

Finding The Right Embedded Software Test Tool

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Embedded systems software testing have much in common with application software testing. Developers have access to hardware-based test tools. Embedded software used to be hidden from the end users. Today, embedded software is practically everywhere. It is now found in almost every electronic device available in the market. Because of this, the need for embedded testing has increased. How can embedded software test be effective? How do we find the right embedded software testing tool? These questions will be answered in this article. Some suggestions for embedded software testing tools are presented here. And hopefully, it can add more to your learning. QuEST Global This tool offers its expertise acr...

ALM Tools: How They Help Agile Teams

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ALM tools support standard agile practices by integrating with core processes. The tools provide access to information for stakeholders. Agile teams use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools to aid them with their test processes. Thus, paving way to Agile ALM, the key to unlocking efficiencies in the enterprise.  The use of the right Agile ALM tools can bring benefits to the organization, particularly the agile team. Benefits of ALM The implementation of Application Lifecycle Management tools in Agile can help agile teams through its benefits. Visibility Visibility is one benefit of Application Lifecycle Management. Hence, it provides the business with more control on each phase of the lifecycle of the application. Likewise, ALM allows the co-exi

Evaluating Automated Software Testing Tools

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Software automation testing can benefit a company. That is why it is important to properly evaluate the tools to be used for this. There are several ways with which you can evaluate automated software testing tools. This article will be talking about them. And, hopefully, it can benefit the readers. Maintenance Longevity It is important to inquire about how long the vendor can maintain the software testing tool. Thus, it is also important to verify if your company will be able to sustain maintenance cost for the tool. You may have acquired the tool at a discounted price. However, it must be followed through by sufficient manpower and maintenance of the product. Updates Another thing to consider when...

Selecting An Agile Testing Tool

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Agile tools support any agile methodology. You can plan, track and manage software development from the agile board to reports. To achieve the best result from agile, you must make sure that you are using the right agile testing tool for your software. Criteria In Selecting A Testing Tool With a lot of varied testing tools available, people find it hard to choose which one to choose. This is where proper knowledge comes in. A person with the right technical know how about these things will be able to choose make the right decision. However, there is a criteria to base your decision on. When choosing an agile testing tool, these important factors must be considered: scalability, potability, usability, and m...

Testing Tools For Continuous Deployment

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Continuous deployment is an approach. It allows for the frequent delivery of software functionalities through automated deployments. The continuous deployment approach use some tools to achieve its goal. These tools are helpful for ensuring that continuous deployment testing is done properly to generate satisfactory results. You will find some of the top tools for continuous deployment below. AWS Code Deploy AWS Code Deploy is a deployment service which helps in application deployment automation. This is possible even if you are deploying application across multiple Amazon EC2 instances or with a single AWS Lambda function. Deployments may be managed from one place with either the AWS CLI or the AWS Management Co...

A Buyer’s Guide: Mobile Apps Development Tools

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Mobile app development tools are tools used for application development on mobile devices. They build apps for Android, iOS, and windows. With the many mobile solutions available today, buying development tools for mobile application is a complex task. However, when purchasing these tools, here are some factors which will give you leverage when making choices. Development Environment Work environment is a vital factor. Furthermore, the size of the company, and the number of people working on building solutions are also to be considered. These factors will indicate what type of tools you need. Most importantly, the size of the company is to be considered first. There are tools which work for small companies...

Which APM Tool Is Right For You

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APM or Application Performance Management tools monitor and manage performance, availability and user experience of software applications. In today's digital world, IT operations teams find a hard time monitoring their application landscapes and third-party dependencies. Hence, to help them with it, they turn to application performance management solutions. Uses of APM Tools APM tools provide solutions for managing and monitoring software applications. This is primarily the use of application performance management tools. They are very useful for detecting and the diagnosis of performance related issues. Furthermore, this does not add overhead to resource consumption. In addition, APM tools reveal informat...

Vulnerability Testing Tools

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Vulnerability testing is done to software to evaluate the amount of risk in the system. This is performed to lessen the probability of risks. Vulnerability Testing Checklist Vulnerability Testing has a checklist to ensure that it meets up to the standards and expectation of end users. Passwords secure the system. Therefore it is important to test its strength. The access controls is verified with the Operating system or technology used. Evaluate the safety level of the data system. It checks the system or application configuration files to see if they are protected. The test checks the vulnerability of the system against online attackers. Vulnerability testing also checks if the system allow users to execu...