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Failures in the Computer System

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A computer system failure might happen because of a software issue or hardware failure. It may cause the system to freeze, reboot, or stop functioning. A computer system failure may or may not result in an error being displayed on the screen. In other words, the computer may shut off without warning and any error message. What are Computer System Failures A hard drive with bad sectors may cause computer system failures. Therefore, causing the operating system not to be able to read data from the hard drive. A failing motherboard can create a system failure. In other words, the computer is not able to process requests or operate in general. A bad processor can also cause system failure. In this case,the computer cannot run if the processor is not working correctly or at all. A bad...

Monitoring The Health of Your Software Application

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Monitoring the health of your software application is important. Maintaining a healthy software application will benefit its stakeholders. Hence, there are software tool that lets IT professionals keep an eye on computer performance and system health across their network.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu-PRt_LbhM What is Software Application Health Monitoring Technology is everywhere. It has enhanced the way we do business, the way we communicate. It streamlines processes, tracks inventory, monitors systems, behaviors. The applications are endless and when working properly, you can almost forget it is there. However, when it is not working properly, the effects are felt immediately and can ripple through your business with detrimental consequences. Main