Failures in the Computer System

A computer system failure might happen because of a software issue or hardware failure. It may cause the system to freeze, reboot, or stop functioning. A computer system failure may or may not result in an error being displayed on the screen. In other words, the computer may shut off without warning and any error message.

What are Computer System Failures

A hard drive with bad sectors may cause computer system failures.
Therefore, causing the operating system not to be able to read data from the hard drive.

A failing motherboard can create a system failure. In other words, the computer is not able to process requests or operate in general. A bad processor can also cause system failure. In this case,the computer cannot run if the processor is not working correctly or at all. A bad RAM chip can also cause system failures because the operating system is not able to access data stored on the RAM chip.

System failures due to software issues can occur if the problem in the software, such as a bad line of code, is severe enough. The system failure and subsequent computer shut down occurs as an attempt to prevent damage to other software or the operating system.

Why Computer Systems Crash

Computers crash because errors occur in the operating system (OS) or also in the computer hardware. Although OS systems are common, hardware errors seldom happen. Hardware errors are more difficult to diagnose.

It needs different hardware components functioning correctly for a computer to work. However, these components may develop errors or become faulty. Since these faults do not appear often, they are harder to diagnose. This causes the system’s power supply to fail. Usually, a computer’s power supply converts alternating current to clean direct current.

Failure of the system’s power supply can also cause the RAM (random access memory) to fail. Therefore, if the RAM fails, meaning the data stored in the RAM becomes corrupted. Another cause of computer crashes is the CPU (central processing unit). The CPU often causes a computer crash when there is too much heat. CPU’s are equipped with fans to prevent it from overheating. However, these fans might not be enough to cool down the CPU.
Furthermore, there are other causes of computer crashes due to failure or malfunction of computer or system components.

Preventing Computer System Failure

Generally, computers can be relied on for its stability. However, failure in the computer system cannot be avoided. You must, therefore, know what to do to prevent this scenario from happening. There are some steps on how you can do this.

  1. Be aware that your computer is going to fail. 
  2. Learn to identify the signs of possible failure. 
  3. Maintain your computer.
  4. Do not overuse your computer. 
  5. Never do anything unusual. 
  6. Deal with hardware issues. 
  7. Deal with other problems. 

To Wrap Up

Computers are part of our lives in today’s modern world. They are used for our businesses, education, and even for recreation and activities in our homes. They are also used for more serious things like keeping our properties and families safe. However, being machines, computers fail, too. Therefore, we must be aware of what causes it to fail and how to prevent computer system failure.



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