QA & Test Embedded 2019

QA&TEST Embedded is a three-day international conference on software quality assurance. And also on software testing on embedded software and software systems.

Conference Details

Conference Date

The 18th International Conference on Testing and Software Quality in Embedded Systems will happen on October 29, 30 and 31, 2019.

Conference Venue

The annual conference takes place in Bilbao, Spain, the usual venue of the said yearly event. 

About QA & TEST

QA&TEST embedded is an annual event. Held in Bilbao since 2001. It aims to diffuse the latest technological developments in Software Testing and Quality Assurance for embedded and sophisticated systems.

In 2019, as a result of a profound reflection on the needs that our sector currently presents, SQS will launch the QA&TEST Safety and Security Conference. QA&TEST intends on facing the challenges presented. Hence, by resolving safety and security issues in an integrated manner. This is for development and testing. It will be the perfect complement to the general content. The events bring together diverse kinds of professionals and international IT experts. These coming from different industries. For instance, aeronautics, banking, medicine, rail, telecommunications, insurance, and electronic devices. Many people, professionals of otherwise, can gain additional knowledge and skills from the opportunities that these events have to offer. Aside from conferences, these events also include workshops and tutorials, which particioants like us can join and have hands-on experience with the guidance of experts.

Keynote Speakers

Bob Harnisch/Hatim Cahim, ProRail (Netherlands)

Bob Harnisch, ProRail (Netherlands). He has IT experience since 1981 as a department manager, test manager, project manager, quality manager, software architect and programmer. Hence, in many different areas of industry and government. For instance, Aerospace, Airlines, Defense, Process Control Industry and Logistics. He is working at ProRail (Dutch Railway company for rail infrastructure)) since 2004. He founded the Test Department and now is one of the senior test managers.

Hatim Chahim, ProRail (Netherlands). Hatim is an experienced program (test) manager and project manager/senior advisor test tooling. He has more than fourteen years’ experience in the IT industry and is currently working at ProRail. He has worked at the largest IT companies such as Capgemini and Accenture. Hatim has improved the test approach within the rail sector with his dilligent works. Therefore, making it both more accessible and functional.

Bob and Hatim will be talking about: Test Strategies for safety-critical systems

ProRail is a Dutch company that is responsible for the maintenance the railway infrastructure. This includes tracks, switches, signals, GSM-R network and also stations. It is also responsible for the control of rail traffic. About 3.3 Million trains per year are running on a tight schedule to transport approximately 1.2 million passengers daily. The train traffic is controlled from 13 regional control centers with the use of sophisticated computer systems that are hosted in geographically separated computer centers.

ProRail has developed a test strategy that integrates all test activities from different agile teams, while end-to-end acceptance tests are performed in a production-like test environment. We will present how this test strategy was implemented in some exciting safety-critical projects.

Wrapping Up

The conference will not only present us with its keynote speakers. It also has other speakers lined up to share their knowledge and experiences with us. Hence it is an exciting event which we must not miss. Let us take part and join in the QA & TEST Embedded 2019 Conference.

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