Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2019


Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2019 is a one-day event. It is open to everybody and tickets are free. This is an opportunity that we should not miss.

We will be meeting and mingling with quality assurance professionals and testers in this event. It will also allow us to learn from passionate software testers. The event will have a lot of speakers, several of which will be mentioned in this article.

Conference Details

The conference will happen on October 10, 2019. The venue is at  House of Startups, 9 Rue du Laboratoire, L-1911 Luxembourg.  

The event is free and open to everybody interested to learn about software testing. This is precisely the reason why we should attend the event. Not only is it free, but it has plenty of speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise with us.

Event Speakers

Marcus Seganfredo

Topic: Test Automation: CSS Selectors vs Xpaths

Marcus Seganfredo, Senior QA Automation Engineer, Docler Holding. “On test automation, we have multiple ways of selecting elements. When you are just getting started with automation, you often hear “do not use Xpaths, they are bad”… but why is that? Are they really bad? What are their pros and cons, and how do they perform when compared to other selectors, especially compared to CssSelectors? Come join me and check what I’ve found out after multiple tests!”

G.Ngongo, J-A Espinosa Lopez, & S. Massaro

Topic: Reinventing software testing to achieve digital transformation

G.Ngongo, J-A Espinosa Lopez, & S. Massaro, Test Management Team, Advanzia Bank Luxembourg.

Asma Reghimi

Topic: When Risk-based testing approach meets Continuous Testing

Asma ReghimiTalan Luxembourg. “In this talk, I will shortly introduce the risk-based testing and how we can use it through the testing process. From the elaboration of testing strategy to the delivery phase, we will talk about the best practices to implement the continuous testing by drawing on the risk analysis results.”

Asma Reghimi is involved in the following activities:

  • Lead the transformation of the IT department on testing practices.
  • Postpone the progress of the transformation during the steering committees.
  • Organize and animate the monitoring committees.
  • Accompany the Information Systems Department of IT Services Production in the deployment of Societe Generale Group’s Test Methodology (GTM).
  • Analyze the maturity of the current test model and put in place an appropriate support plan for the organization.
  • Train and animate the community of test managers.
  • Coach IT, teams.
  • Sensitize trades to test practices.
  • Accompany managers and divisions managers in structuring the Testing system.
  • Collaborate with the technical testing coach for the implementation of automation tools and continuous testing.
  • Collaborate with the agile coach to be in tune with agile best practices.

B.Terra & J-M Bourbon

Topic: Prevent rather than cure…,

B. Terra, Sales Director & J-M. Bourbon, Head of Offensive Security, Hacknowledge Luxembourg. If you agree, then you will understand how crucial it is to include security in the development process of your application. And to perform regular pentest to challenge the safety of your environment.

To Wrap Up

The Luxembourg Software Testing Event for this year is packed with the latest trends in software testing. Hence, it will be an enlightening experience if we take part in this exciting event.


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