MAM Tool Options For Developers

Mobile application management tools includes app security, automatic software updates on devices. Also management, network, usage tracking.

MAM refers to mobile application management tool. Basically, aside form those mentioned above, it also includes mobile user tracking and mobile VPN for corporate users. MAM tools should provide features like support for software push updates.

MAM Tool Options

There are several mobile application tool options for developers to choose from.These options can provide for a solid basis from which the search for the best MAM tool should start.


The IBM umbrella of enterprise services is primariy composed of FiberLink and Apperian. It is currently known as IBM MobileFirst Platform and Analytics. IBM’s Worklight becomes the development workspace and Apperian fills in to manage and distribute applications. On the other hand,FiberLink MaaS360 product has an MDM system that offers applications, expenses and other content management features.

VMware AirWatch

This tool provides a rule- and group-based application distribution system. Likewise, it also allows whitelists, blacklists, version control, monitoring and tracking. The use of API integration supports specific manufacturer’s devices. In addition, it also includes an app store.

Collaboration with AirWatch is good, thus it provides APIs for other organizations to build upon to be able to connect to their system. Likewise, it provides several dashboards for administrators and managers. This dashboards cover assets, device compliance and other configurable options.

Security wise, AirWatch covers all standard bases. It has a jailbrokenstatus which automatically protects corporate data when triggered. Its numerous tools allow users to manage Web security policies and is capable of wiping data remotely.

In addition, it also includes a scanner which can assess risks in the app configuration settings. Immediate action may be taken by the scanner, if set, to correct issues.


The MAM tool of F5 has mobile information, security, license, and application management. In addition, it has a method of data separation. This is for users who have both work and personal data.

Furthermore, it includes a browser and enterprise app store. It is also capable of integrating with Microsoft Exchange.


MobileIron is an original vendor. It is among the first to develop a suite of MAM tools. It has AppConnect and AppTunnel which allow policy-based management enterprise apps. Which, on the other hand, do not affect personal apps on mobile devices.

This tool uses VPNs and tunnels to prevent data loss. Moreover, MobileIron tools are consistent across functions like apps, documents, Web, and email. Each application allows encrypted data and policy sharing, thus becoming a secure container. Most importantly, this tool can save money on costs for international roaming. MobileIron is capable of tracking usage based on the device and policy.

Citrix XenMobile

XenMobile is one of the first players when it comes to MAM tool space. Citrix offers customers a variety of tools which include MDM features, desktop virtualization, email, a Web browser, an enterprise app store and file sharing.

It has an internal tool called Worx App SDK. This is responsible for providing app wrapping and data containerization functionality. On the other hand, Citrix offers a comprehensive and configurable product line for large companies. It comes with including two complimentary tools to cover both MDM and MAM.

In Conclusion

Aside from the MAM tool options mentioned above, you can also add Microsoft and Knappsack ( which is powered by SPARC) to the list.

These tools are available for developers to choose from. What is important is a developer must choose a tool which suits the needs of the project best.


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