In-Depth Tackling: Test Item Transmittal Report

What is Test Item Transmittal Report? It is a document that identifies test items by their current status and location information. If you need to run tests on an application on some specified date, as mentioned in the test plan, you need to be able to locate the item. Therefore,  have knowledge of its current status.

Understanding Test Item Transmittal Report

The purpose of the test item transmittal report is to identify the transmitted test items to be tested. The report includes the personalities who are accountable for each item. It also consists of the physical location of each item, and at the same time, its status. All the changes and variations made on the existing requirements and designs are also logged in this report.

Test item transmittal report is also called Release Note. Its most important function is to inform clients of changes, new features, and alterations in the product. This happens, especially when the way a product is to be used by the customers is affected.

The structure of a Test Item Transmittal Report includes the following sections:

  • Transmittal-report identifier
  • Transmitted items
  • Location
  • Status
  • Approvals

Transmittal-report Identifier

The transmittal-report identifier indicates the identifier.  This identifier is uniquely assigned to a particular test item transmittal report.

Transmitted items

Transmitted items specify who is responsible for sending items. These are supply references to the dispatched items’ documentation and test plan.


The location indicates or identifies where the transmitted item is located.


Status indicates deviations from item documentation. By deviations, we mean those transmittal from the previous transmitted items from that of the test plan. In addition to this, modifications or alterations in the item documentation that are still pending must also be indicated.


Here, you can find the names and titles of specific people who approve the transmittal of the item.

People Responsible for Creating the Test Item Transmittal Report

The technical writer is commonly responsible for creating the transmittal report. The said report is based on inputs provided by the teams, managers, and other stakeholders.

In some cases, though, the different teams chip in to prepare the transmittal report. For example, the engineering team creates more simple release notes, like minor releases that contain bug fixes. Then, the marketing and product managers prepare the content that indicates significant new features and major product launches. Finally, the developer relations team creates software samples (with the API’s new features) and videos.

This shows that it can be created by the entire software project team.This is possible by collaborating and contributing data to generate the test item transmittal report.

What Should the Transmittal Report Include

Features and Products

The transmittal report must include new features added to the application. Likewise, new products. It must provide detailed information about such issues and its importance to the users. It should also include a “users’ guide” to help the application users startup. 

Fixes on Defects

The report must indicate a detailed list of the bugs and its fixes that are related to the release. Links must be provided for relevant information about the bug fixes. Likewise, links to people who responded to the issues.

A Guide for Upgrades

Every alteration, upgrade, and other changes on the application must be indicated in the report. By showing the differences between the previous and the new versions of the product will give application users ideas on how to manage and use the upgraded version of the software.

Turn Downs and Deprecations

A feature or product that is no longer recommended for use must be taken down. The report must give customers instructions on how to move from a deprecated feature to a new one.


The notes must include all the added information which might be of use to the application users. This information may be based on user experience. Also on other activities done to gather information from an application user’s point of view.

In Conclusion

The Test Item Transmittal Report is an important document. It shows every detail about the software application. Therefore, it is a great help for application users and other stakeholders.


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