Heisenbug 2019

Heisenbug 2019 is a significant technical conference, gathering over 900 testing experts in one venue. These include programmers and testers who are experts in developing codes, load testing, and likewise, automation. In addition to this, it also includes software team managers who are aimed at increasing productivity and effectiveness in their software projects. 

Conference Details

Conference Date and Venue

The Heisenbug 2019 Conference will take place from December 5 to 6, 2019. Furthermore, the conference venue will be at the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt 31A Building 1.

Coverage of the Conference

The conference will talk about:

  • Test automation;
  • Tools and environments for manual and also for automated testing;
  • Testing distributed systems;
  • Testing mobile applications;
  • UX, Security, A / B testing;
  • Static code analysis and likewise analysis tools;
  • Load testing, performance testing, benchmarking;
  • Testing compilers, nuclear power plants, etc.

Conference Speakers

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine. He loves rich content and also never gives up. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Vitaliy studied computer science and likewise mathematics in Germany. Where he found an interest in typography, writing and also design.

Furthermore, after working as a freelancer for six years as a designer and developer, he founded Smashing Magazine, one of the leading online magazines for design and web development. Hence, Vitaliy is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing Books. He currently holds the position of chief editor of Smashing Magazine in the beautiful city of Freiburg, Germany.

Noemi Ferrera

Noemi FerreraSaucelabs. She is a technology passionate and also a results-oriented software engineer. She has been in and out of testing roles and has always strived for quality, automation and likewise tooling creation to ease the entire development process.

Anna Chernysheva

Anna Chernysheva, Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM. Hence, an expert in the field of BDD, a devotee of engineering and DevOps practices. He has extensive experience in developing test frameworks and likewise in building test automation processes. Furthermore, she is one of the creators of the Akita BDD library.

Jayashree Mohan

Jayashree Mohan is a 4th year PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research aims at building efficient tools and infrastructure to test and address the reliability of storage systems. Her recent effort has been in building CrashMonkey and Ace, an automated infrastructure to test file-system crash consistency bugs. She is now working on testing the reliability of distributed storage systems and Persistent Memory applications. The Microsoft Research PhD fellowship supports her research.

Artyom Eroshenko 

Artyom EroshenkoQameta Software. More than eight years engaged in the automation of testing web applications. During this time, he worked in different teams and different roles: testing automation, manager of the testing tools development team, head of the testing automation group. Artem has extensive experience working with popular tools (Selenium, HtmlElements, Allure, Jenkins). It programs mainly in Java, Groovy.

Adrián Bolonio 

Adrián Bolonio, willhaben. He is an experienced frontend developer and web team lead, focused on Web Accessibility (a11y). Since 2012 he’s living and working in Vienna. When Adrián is not at the office, he enjoys a good read, working his way through any delicious recipe and indulging his love for travelling to new places.

More Conference Speakers

Aside from the conference speakers mentioned above, there are still more of them who will share their knowledge and experiences with us. Among them are:

  • Alexey Vinogradov (Radio qa)
  • Sebastian Daschner (IBM)
  • Roman Poborchiy (Independent consultant)
  • Baruch Sadogursky (Jfrog)
  • Sergey Mahetov (Circuit)
  • Pavel Finkelstein (Lamoda)
  • Ingo Philipp (Uipath)
  • Anton Vlasov (Sberbank)

To Wrap Up

Heisenbug 2019 gives us the opportunity to enrich ourselves through software testing. The speakers the organizers have lined up for us are experts in their fields. Therefore we are assured that they will share with us their expertise and experiences to help us improve and develop, not only in our careers, but in our lives, too.

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