Explaining Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

What is the software requirement specification? This is called SRS for short. It describes, in detail, the software system to be developed. It includes functional and non-functional requirements.

Software Requirement Specification

An SRS may include the use cases of how the user is going to interact with the software system. A software requirements specification helps lay the groundwork for product development. It is a document that describes what the software will do and how it will be expected.

Benefits of SRS

  • A good SRS provides a clear goal in the software implementation phase.
  • It gives a basis for agreement between the customers and the suppliers regarding the functions of the implemented software product.
  • An SRS provides a guideline for schedule and cost estimates.
  •  It also provides a basis for validation and verification. 
  • An SRS is considered as a good practice by many different professional organizations. Hence, there are various ways how it can be compiled. 

Importance of SRS

Why is SRS relevant? SRS is vital because it minimizes the amount of time and effort developers have to exert. Hence, to achieve the desired software goals. It, therefore, reduces costs for development. Thus, the lesser the development cost, the lesser the developer’s charge will be on the client.

Characteristics of SRS

• Correct
• Complete
• Not ambiguous
• Verifiable
• Consistent
• Ranked for importance and stability
• Modifiable
• Traceable

How to Write an SRS

An SRS must have a purpose. It must also have an overall description. Likewise, it must contain specific requirements. Writing a good SRS follows some steps. 

Create an Outline

You can either create your own outline or follow a specific template. After creating an outline, you can now fill it in.

Define the Purpose of Your Product

Start your SRS with a purpose. A good and catchy inroduction is important. Make sure that it will have an impact. Setting a purpose makes you have a focus for your goal. Your SRS must contain:

  • Intended use and for who
  • Scope of the product
  • Acronyms and Definitions

Describe What You are Building

It is important to have a detailed description of what you are building. An overview of what you are building will give people the idea about its purpose, its use, and other important details. It must also explain user needs and assumptions and, likewise, dependencies

Detail the Specific Requirements

  • Functional Requirements
  • External Interface Requirements
  • System Features
  • Other Non-Functional Requirements

Get the SRS Approved

After completing the other steps, the final step is to get approved for the SRS. Who approves it? The approving body are the key stakeholders. Hence, its latest version should be reviewed.

Winding Up

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a document or set of documentation. It describes the features and behavior of a system or software application. An SRS includes different elements that attempt to define the intended functionality required by the customer to satisfy their various users.

An SRS must present a detailed description of the functional requirements and system requirements. It must also include technical requirements, constraints, assumptions and acceptance criteria.





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