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Explaining Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

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What is the software requirement specification? This is called SRS for short. It describes, in detail, the software system to be developed. It includes functional and non-functional requirements. Software Requirement Specification An SRS may include the use cases of how the user is going to interact with the software system. A software requirements specification helps lay the groundwork for product development. It is a document that describes what the software will do and how it will be expected. Benefits of SRS A good SRS provides a clear goal in the software implementation phase. It gives a basis for agreement between the customers and the suppliers regarding the functions of the implemented software product. An SRS provides a guideline for schedule and cost estimates. ...

Functional Requirements

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Functional requirements involves calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing. Specifying particular results of a system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbCAiLzOE30 What is a Functional Requirement A functional requirement defines the function of a system or its component. Where a function is described as a specification of behavior between outputs and also of inputs.  The official definition of ‘a functional requirement’ is that it essentially specifies something the system should do. Typically, functional requirements will specify a behavior or function. Common Types of Functional Requirements Transaction HandlingBusiness RulesCertification RequirementsReporting RequirementsAdministrative functionsAuthorization levelsAudit TrackingExterna