Choosing The Right Automation People

Automation needs the right people to be implemented properly. Thus, contribute to its success. Hence, choosing the right people is a must.

Hiring the right people for automation may be done by using automation, too. We will be talking about how to choose the right people for automation in this article.

Tips In Choosing The Right People

Here are some tips on how to choose the right people for automation:

  • Look For Soft Skills: These skills refer to personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Hence, soft skills are important, too.
  • Do not get caught up in the DevOps buzzword: It is important not to get caught up in the DevOps buzzword. Companies have different interpretations of what DevOps is.
  • Focus on specific needs first: Hiring managers need to hone in on their specific needs before recruiting. However, that does not make the actual recruiting process any easier, though. An IT director or engineering manager has a full-time job to recruit candidates. Moreover, anyone with these skills is very happily employed with some nice perks and has found a nice work/life balance. Therefore, if the market for technical workers in general is tight, the market for DevOps professionals is driven in the extreme.
  • Find people that share a culture of engagement: DevOps recruiting is fundamentally different from traditional recruiting. Therefore, it should be based on the often referenced culture, automation, measurement, and sharing (CAMS) paradigm. The first step in breaking down the silos that keep candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers focused on divergent outcomes is identifying a common goal.

More Tips In Recruiting The Right People

  • Look beyond the usual recruiting sites: Make effort to look for candidates beyond typical professional sites. For instance, LinkedIn. Also, search smaller, more focused social networks, for example, Hacker News or GitHub. In addition, services such as TalentBin, Entelo, and Gild collect and organize information from different sources. Thus presenting a more complete picture of potential candidates.
  • Network and go beyond just salary and benefits: Success in hiring the right automation people mean hiring managers must grow with the network. Hence, including going to meet-ups. It is also a good idea to sell candidates on what your company can do for them. Of course, other than salary and benefits.

The recruitment process may not be an easy job. But it is important for companies, and whoever is responsible for hiring new employees, to take their tasks seriously.

To Sum It Up

Hiring the right people for a particular job is very important. You cannot hire a chef for a nurse’s job. Or likewise hire a writer for an electrician’s job. Hence, you must hire an IT specialist for IT tasks, a teacher for teaching jobs, and so on and so forth.

However, hiring does not begin and end there. You need to screen applicants properly and see to it that they meet the requirements and qualifications needed for the said job. Hence, hiring the right people will give you assurance that their duties and responsibilities will be performed properly. And at the same time, they will be able to deliver quality results for the success of the project.


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