What Are Trojan Programs

Trojan programs refer to the Trojan virus. It is a type of malware that usually manifests as a legitimate software. Let us get to know the Trojan program better in this article.


Understanding the Trojan Program

Cyber criminals and hackers may use Trojans programs. The malware helps these types of people to gain access to computer systems.

Once activated, Trojans can enable cyber-criminals to spy on you, steal your sensitive data, and gain backdoor access to your order.

The Trojan malware can either delete, block, modify, or copy the user’s data. In addition to this, it can disrupt the performance and function of computers.

Classifications of Trojans


Rootkits typically hide particular objects or activities in your system. Often their primary purpose is to prevent malicious programs being detected – to extend the period in which applications can function on an infected computer.

Backdoor Trojan

The backdoor Trojan allows malicious users to control the infected computer remotely. In other words, they can use the infected computer for anything they want from data manipulation to computer rebooting. 


Trojan-Banker programs are used for online bank transactions. They are useful for stealing account data for online banking systems, online payment systems, and also for debit or credit cards.


The Trojan DDoS works by sending the target multiple requests from infected computers. Furthermore, these requests can overwhelm the target. Therefore leading to DoS or Denial of Service. 

The Trojan-Dropper 

The Trojan-Dropper is used by hackers to install Trojans and other viruses. It is also used so malicious programs will not be detected.


Trojan Exploits are programs that have data or code that uses a vulnerability within application software that is running on your computer system.

The Trojan-Downloader 

The Trojan-Downloader can download and install new versions of malicious programs onto your computer. Hence, it can include Trojans and adware.

The Trojan-FakeAV 

This type of Trojan  works by stimulating antivirus software activities. Once hackers get what they want from the victims, they remove the threat. However, the reported threats are non-existent.

The Trojan-GameThief

This type of Trojan steals important information from the user accounts of online gamers.

The Trojan-Ransom 

The Trojan-Ransom modifies computer data to disrupt its function and performance. Hence, the user can no longer use a particular data. Hackers who contaminated your computer will extort money from you. Upon payment of the “ransom” these hackers will then restore the computer’s performance. They will also unblock the data that you need once they get what they demand. 

Other Types of Trojan Programs

  • Trojan-Mailfinder
  • Trojan-SMS
  • The Trojan-IM
  • Trojan-Spy

In Conclusion

Trojan horses were used to infiltrate enemy bases in the olden times. In today’s modern world, with the onset of modern technology, Trojans are still used. However, they come, not in the form of wooden horses, but as malware. People with malicious intent use Trojan programs to do damage on computer systems so they can extort money from the victims. Let us be aware of how Trojans work. Hence, we can avoid them or know what to do in case we become victims of Trojan programs.






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