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CodeRunner is a multi-language programming editor. Its is lightweight with advanced code completion. CodeRunner tool was made for macOS.

What Is CodeRunner

As mentioned, CodeRunner is a programming editor for macOS. It understands the importance of a good code completion. Therefore, it has advanced code completion.

CodeRunner’s powerful IDE level completion is applicable for most languages. These include documentation snippets, fuzzy search, and tab-selectable placeholders.

Features of CodeRunner

Aside from the advanced code completion feature of CodeRunner, It also has other features.

Run Code In Any Language

CodeRunner can run code in 25 languages. It also believes in the principle that codes must be run quickly and, most importantly, in any language. It can also easily support other languages. Adding a language is also easy with CodeRunner.

Debugging With Breakpoints

Producing a quality code is possible with a good debugging workflow, Breakpoints may be sent. It can step through your code quickly using over a dozen languages. Thus making debugging in any language faster and easier.

Debugging starts by just clicking the margin. Viewing and editing variables, interacting with the debugger, and exploring the call stack is possible.

Other Features

Other features of CodeRunner include: file navigator, code templates, symbol navigator, documentation sidebar and multiple selections.

It also has TextMate syntax and themes, automatic indentation support, and software updates.

Finally, CodeRunner can run with arguments and input sets. It also has web tools and web inspector, live running process statistics, and is highly configurable.

How To Add A Language

If you want to add your own language to CodeRunner, consider these steps. Its system is based on terminal commands. If you know the terminal commands in your language, then adding it to CodeRunner will be easy.

Here is how you can add your own language to CodeRunner:

  • Go to Preferences -> Languages. Click the button.
  • Go to the “Run Command” text box.
  • Enter the command you use to run the language from the terminal.
  • Furthermore, if your language uses several commands, use a CodeRunner compile script. To open the compile script in the CodeRunner editor: Check “Language uses compile script” then click the “Edit Script…” button. The script contains more instructions.

The Perfect Code Editor

If you are n search for a perfect code editor, then stop now. CodeRunner is here. It is said to be the perfect code editor.

Choosing a tool for code editing is not like just going to the market and just pick up an apple. You need to be equipped with the correct facts about tools which can help you with it.

But no need for you to go through the trouble of searching and looking for the perfect code editor. CodeRunner can be just that, the perfect code editor.

CodeRunner has features that no other code editors have. For instance, auto fills. Most code editors have auto fills. CodeRunner also has that, and more. It also offers to write out the entire function. It has placeholders for what you need to fill-out.

Wrapping Up

The good things we learned about CodeRunner tool sounds good. It may be a good tool to help you out with code editing. Why not give it a try then? Who knows, you might find it worth the attention you gave it.

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