The Impact of Software Quality Assurance in Our Lives

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has a great impact in our lives. It is a process which makes sure that the software we are using is not defective. Software Quality Assurance makes sure that software functions as it should.

What Is Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance or SQA is a type of testing process. Whose aim is to prevent defects on software. That is why software malfunction is lesser.

SQA is the same as software testing. It monitors and checks software from beginning to end. It makes preventive measures for software malfunction.

Maintain the quality of software. That is the main objective of software quality assurance.

Importance Of Software In Our Lives

In our daily lives, let us start in our homes. Today’s modern appliances function using computer software. From our television sets to refrigerators and washing machines.

Computer software also makes our security alarms and phones function. Almost everything we use daily in our homes and personal lives are dependent on software.

SQA’s Impact in Our Lives

The use of software in today’s modern world is unavoidable. Modern technology is responsible for this. That is why we must use high-quality and dependable software.

What is the impact of Software Quality Assurance in our lives? The things we use today are dependent on software.

Take our gadgets, for example. If the software on our gadgets malfunction, we will be in trouble. Why? Most people use their gadgets for business. This will affect transactions if something goes wrong with its software.

The Impact of Software Quality Assurance in Our Lives

In Our Homes

In our homes, appliances use software. If the software does not function properly, household chores will be affected. And of course, mothers, especially, will be annoyed. This is because they will not be able to wash clothes, or cook. Even television watching will be affected.

There are homes with security alarms. This ensure the safety of the family. But if the alarm does not work properly, the family will be at risk.

Software Quality Assurance In Health

There are several instances where SQA can affect health. In health spas, gyms, hospitals and clinics especially. These institutions are dependent on computers. And software malfunction can affect the services these institutions offer to people.

SQA In Telecommunication

Software quality assurance also affect this field. A software malfunction can affect air traffic. And also messages. This makes a good software very important. Any malfunction can jeopardize a lot of things.

SQA In Business And Commerce

Software malfunction may also affect this field. Imagine the chaos it might create in stock exchange. Or the unrest for payroll problems. Even problems in inventory.

Auditing, client information, and a lot more will be affected. And this will create a lot of disappointed clients. This will result to economic disaster.


Software quality assurance plays a very important role in our lives. Its impact to it is undeniable. Because of SQA, we enjoy using certain applications.

Software quality assurance makes software function properly. It helps doctors give the right diagnosis. And business owners can pay their workers on time. And SQA also help mothers care for their homes properly.

In every aspect of our lives, there is software. And in every device we use we find software too. This is the reason why SQA is important to us. Software quality assurance can make our lives easier. And it can also make it hard if not done properly.

Let us be thankful to those people behind software quality assurance. And let us appreciate the work they do. Their dedication makes our lives easier and more fun.

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