The “Don’ts” Of Software Testing

The “don’ts” of software testing refer to the things which mus not be done during software testing. Hence, these must be avoided.

Do Not Block The Process Of Development

This is a big “no” in software testing. Common sense will tell us that software will not achieve its full potential if the measures done for its development are blocked. There are ways on how the process of software development may be blocked. It all lies on the way a tester handles any situation in the software testing process.

The key to the development of software testing is innovation. Many unexpected situations and issues may occur during the testing process. The tester has the option to either resolve it or ignore it. The latter would, definitely, prevent the process from making progress.

What the tester must do then, is to face the issue and find ways to resolve it quickly and faster. Therefore, progress in software development will not be hampered.

Do Not Give Up

The process of software testing is a very stressful and tedious task. Testers must possess the characteristics of patience and dedication. However, most testers often give up, especially if they come up with negative results or test failures.

However, it is an important requirement for a tester to never give up. That is the essence of his job. To overcome this challenge, a tester must have a positive mind. Open mindedness will help, too. Positiveness is a big factor, coupled with the right skills. Armed with these traits, a tester will definitely not give up on testing software.

Do Not Remain In Your Cocoon

For a tester to be effective, he must not confine himself to his test process. It helps to collaborate. Sharing ideas and opinions with other team members, and likewise with other teams is encouraged. Staying in your comfort zone will not help you grow as a tester, thus limiting the possibility of further development for the testing process.

Explore and incorporate ideas. This will widen the horizon of the testing process, thus can contribute to its success, and eventually, the success of the organization, too.

Do Not Think That You Know Everything

Effective and efficient testers must not think that they possess all the necessary skills and knowledge for a particular project. Never be too confident with the knowledge and skills that you have.

Always bear in mind that technology is a never-ending process of change and development. In other words, the knowledge you have now might not be applicable to the new innovation technology has to offer. Therefore, the need for continuous learning, training, and education is needed to acquire more updated knowledge and information.

Do Not Present Poor Management Reports

Test management is one way to determine how software testing is progressing. Delivering poor management reports will jeopardize software development. Take note that test management report must be written clearly. It must include all significant details and must be concise. Test management results serve as basis for developers to find ways and make moves on how to improve and develop high quality software to meet the needs and demands of its end users.

To Wrap Up

Software testing plays an integral part in software development. Therefore, a tester must be effective, and efficient, at the same time. The success or failure of software depends largely on the outcome of tests conducted by these testers. Hence, testers must be aware of what they must and must not do, which can greatly affect the result generated by the tests.


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