Smartsheet For Tracking

Smartsheet is a software as a service application for collaboration and work management. It is developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc.

Smartsheet is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents. Likewise, manage other work. It has a spreadsheet-like user interface.

What Is Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project management, collaboration and crowd sourcing tool. It is available as a Software as a Service solution. Smartsheet is accessed and managed over the Internet.

Smartsheet allows users to create, manage and share projects, tasks and processes under authorized access. It also supports Google Apps, VMware Zimbra and Salesforce CRM for application integration, and Amazon Mechanical Turk for crowd sourcing.

Tracking With Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a collaborative work management and automation solutions. Therefore, it keeps track of hundreds of details and manage programs. Hence, making organization focus on what most important factors, especially its people.

Human resource professionals trust Smartsheet to help manage everything. It covers simple on boarding tasks to complex change management programs. At the same time, ensuring that their employees come first.

Benefits Of Using Smartsheet For Tracking

The use of Smartsheet for tracking can give several benefits. Among them are:

  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition: Maximize ROI on recruiting activities, stay on top of budget, and streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers.
  • Benefits & Retirement Tracking: Improve collaboration, increase visibility into workload processing times, and report on program status.
  • Employee Onboarding: Streamline process and paperwork, maintain a database which is auditable, and without added effort. Therefore making your business grow with better informed, more productive employees.
  • Visibility: Self-service reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility into resources, status, and performance so you can rapidly align operations to strategy.
  • Flexible Control: Smartsheet gives you complete control to make changes or enforce structure for your collaborative work, with no coding required.
  • Simplicity: Smartsheet’s familiar interfaces, designed for how people really work, lead to rapid and broad adoption across your organization.

Facts About Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a leading work management platform. Hence, it improves visibility, accountability and performance across your whole business. The software is capable of helping you plan projects, automate tasks, and easily track and report on project status.

With all your data in one place, Smartsheet lets you plan more effectively, deliver projects faster, and become more productive. The software delivers benefits for all kinds of businesses, and for every department within your organisation.

Smartsheet Pros

Smartsheet is great for marketing, IT, HR, and pretty much any business department. Hence, you can build in due dates, notes, attach images and documents, and likewise build a hierarchy of tasks. In addition, the tool also allows you to share your sheets with an unlimited number of contributors. Thus manage their access to sensitive information.

Smartsheet has been around for a while, therefore they understand how projects work. There are several ready-made templates available. Hence, you can build repetitive projects like employee onboarding into your own templates to quickly choose over and over again.

The tool also lets you break free from the basic spreadsheet, therefore you can view your projects in a kanban-style board, Gantt charts, or a calendar. These views are supplemented by an analytics dashboard that you can customize to view lots of different metrics from throughout your projects.

Wrapping Up

Smartsheets are helpful in the organization of a business. Similarly, organizations can properly deal with other important matters. Thus, creating an organized, stress-free business environment.

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