Quality Assurance Careers

Quality Assurance Careers


Different companies around the world rely on quality assurance analysts and testers in order to make sure that their products meet quality standards. Those people working on these positions play important roles in keeping safe products and removing problems. In technology companies, QA careers are also available. It also involves employees testing the functionality of the software, hardware, and any other components. Daily job duties of QA members might include:

  • Making plans along with steps from product completion to the full scope of testing.
  • They are involved in managing staff members who are executing the test plan.
  • They test every feature and phase of the product.
  • Identifying potential issues and reporting them to production.

Quality Assurance Career Education

For most QA careers, candidates must have at least a degree or higher national diploma. People interested in working in quality assurance may want to take courses and focus more on subjects such as business management, food science, and technology, process engineering, chemistry, production engineering, or textile technology. Taking any of these courses will provide more knowledge and understanding of the product’s makeup. At the same time, determining what might go wrong during production. In addition, the experience is also valuable to all potential employers. Therefore, it is important to look for opportunities to work in quality assurance while studying. 

Quality Assurance Job Titles and Definitions

Here are some job careers and titles related to quality assurance. It includes:


It involves initiating and coordinating quality-related data form production, service, or process improvement activities. At the same time, it reports the data using statistical techniques. The average of analyst ranges around $69,986.


This position is involved in quality improvement projects. However, it is not necessarily full time. It does not have any primary responsibilities for traditional quality management, assurance, or control activities. The average salary is about $59,036.


This position performs and reports on the internal or external quality system audits. The salary depends on expertise if certified; the salary is about $79,264. On the other hand, if not certified, the salary will be about $71,555.

Black belt

We can also refer to this quality expert. It is often a fulltime team leader, who is responsible for implementing process improvements. Their aim is to increase customer satisfaction levels as well as productivity. The average salary is about $98, 445.

Calibration technician

This position is responsible for testing, calibrating, maintaining, repairing. They do according to the conformance of the established standards. The average salary is about $52,921.


This is the business leader or senior manager who is responsible for ensuring that resources are available for quality training and projects. Aside from that, it is also involved in project tollgate reviews and often an executive who supports and addresses organizational issues.


This position is the one providing advice, facilitation, and also training in the development, administration, and technical aspects of the organizations. Moreover, people in this position have expertise in some or all aspects of the quality field. The average salary is about $118,541.

In the quality assurance filed, there are wide ranges of careers that people can obtain at a certain level of expertise. Candidate must be able to comply with the skill and knowledge requirements before getting the job. In addition, if you want to pursue a position in the quality assurance field, you should have the right skills and knowledge by taking courses. 

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