Introducing QTP and UFT, System Testing Sisters

Introducing QTP and UFT, System Testing Sisters

QTP is a mechanized useful Testing apparatus that causes analyzers to execute automated tests so as to distinguish any mistakes, deformities, or holes in opposition to the normal consequences of the application under Test. It was planned by Mercury Interactive and later on obtained by HP and now MicroFocus. The full type of QTP is QuickTest Professional, while UFT implies Unified Functional Testing.

Points Of Interest Of QTP Automation

  • It bolsters record and playback
  • Utilizes a functioning screen to record contents and helps analyzer in alluding the screen object properties
  • Contains astounding item ID procedure or system
  • It underpins distinctive features like Oracle, Java, SAP, NET, Web Forms, People delicate, and so on..
  • Permits you to improve the current tests even without the AUT through a functioning screen
  • It underpins the mainstream robotization systems watchword driven testing approach, particular testing approach, information-driven testing approach, and so forth.
  • It accompanies an inbuilt IDE
  • Coordinates with Test the executive devices like Quality Center, Test Director, and Winrunner
  • Various kinds of suites like Smoke, Regression, Sanity can be effortlessly kept up
  • Underpins XML
  • Test detailing is conceivable through QTP for investigation reason
  • Simple to keep up

Why QTP Is The Best Testing Device?

  • It is a symbol-based device that automates the relapse and Functional Testing of an application
  • Both specialized, just as a non-specialized analyzer, can utilize Micro Focus QTP
  • It gives the two highlights record just as playback
  • We can test Desktop just as the Web-based applications
  • It permits Business Process Testing (BPT)
  • QTP Testing depends on scripting language VB content
  • Miniaturized scale Focus’ UFT utilizes VBScript to mechanize applications

What is UFT?

In 2012 HP consolidated QTP and Service Test and named it as Unified Functional Test (UFT). In 2016 September, HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) combined programming business with “Miniaturized scale Focus” a UK based programming organization. From that point, UFT is authoritatively a Micro Focus Product. Thus we can download the UFT preliminary form just from the “Small scale Focus” site given beneath and not from the HP site.

Points Of Interest Of Utilizing UFT In Automation Projects

  • UFT=QTP + Service Test + Mobile Automation.
  • UFT is the main robotization apparatus which can bolster a wide range of uses, for example, Desktop, Web and Mobile applications.
  • Selenium instruments took over on Web application automation. However, there is no 100% swap for UFT for Desktop application robotization.
  • We have numerous other instruments in business sectors that can bolster Desktop applications automation, for example, Ranorex, Sikuli, Auto IT, Test Complete, etc. Nothing from what was just mentioned referenced devices are as much as solid as UFT.
  • UFT has rich item recognizable proof components, for example, Smart article ID and Visual relationship object distinguishing proof techniques to recognize objects.
  • UFT has its own IDE to create automation content. VBScript is the main scripting language in which UFT can underpin.
  • UFT is the best Automation device to begin your transporter as an Automation engineer as it is anything but difficult to learn with least or no coding information.
  • On the off chance that you are working in a Process testing where you need to associate with Web applications and Desktop applications, you are encouraged to utilize UFT.


Though we have a few devices in the market for various automation kinds of applications, we can utilize QTP/UFT for any of the underneath cases:

  1. At the point when the Client necessity is to automate Desktop Applications
  2. For simpler Automation utilizing the alternatives gave by QTP/UFT
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