In-Depth Tackling: CodeRunner

Discover things about the CodeRunner programming editor. It is lightweight and supports multi-language designed for macOS.

What is CodeRunner

CodeRunner is a free, open-source question-type plug-in that can run program codes. Students submit these in answer to a variety of programming questions in various languages. However, it can also be used to grade any issue for which the answer is text. Students paste in their code in response to each programming question and get to see their test-case results immediately. They can then correct their system and resubmit, typically for a small penalty.

The most common use of CodeRunner so far is in programming courses. CodeRunner questions have also been applied in several areas of computer science and engineering to rate items. In this case, many different correct answers are possible. However, programming questions is the focus, hence grading the codes the students have written.

Features of CodeRunner

Debugging with Breakpoints

An excellent debugging workflow is a way to produce quality code. Breakpoints may be set and hence, step through your system in several languages right away with CodeRunner.

Advanced Code Completion

Any programmer knows the importance of proper code completion. That is why CodeRunner delivers powerful IDE-level code completion for most languages, including fuzzy-search, tab-selectable placeholders, and likewise documentation snippets.

Run Code in Any Language

CodeRunner was built on the principle that you need to be able to run your code instantly, in any language. CodeRunner can run code in 25 words out-of-the-box and can also be easily extended to support other languages. Adding a style is as easy as entering its terminal command. CodeRunner can also run multi-file projects without any manual setup required.

Advantages of CodeRunner

It is Swift and Efficient, too

You can have multiple tabs open with multiple languages in at the same time, and Code Runner still performs excellently. Searching through code is always instant and executing code is fast.

CodeRunner Supports many different languages

Code Runner comes pre-installed with over 20 languages built-in, and it is super easy to run simple programs.

The disadvantage of Code Runner

Working with massive projects

Code runner is great for shorter projects. Even though it can handle extensive projects, code completion stops once the program becomes too long.

Other CodeRunner Features

  • Live running process statistics
  • Run with arguments and also input sets
  • Highly configurable
  • Software updates
  • Documentation sidebar
  • File navigator
  • TextMate syntaxes and likewise themes
  • Code templates
  • Multiple selections
  • Symbol navigator
  • Web inspector and also web tools
  • Automatic indentation support

In Conclusion

CodeRunner is a Moodle question type that enables teachers to run a program, hence, to rate the answers of students. Meaning, students can likewise click a Check button to see if their code passes the tests defined in the issue.

If not, students can submit again. Which usually comes with a small “fine”. However, it is possible to configure CodeRunner problems, so the mark is determined by how many tests the code successfully passes. CodeRunner has made things easier for teachers. Questions which have several correct answers might be difficult to rate.

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