How Software Bugs Happen

To find software bugs is the main aim of testing. And doing something about it follows. However, this is a tedious task. How do software bugs happen, anyway?

Tight Development Schedule

In the fast-moving world, stakeholders want new things implemented before the competitors implement it. To develop and test applications with a tight schedule has an impact on the quality of the project and cause to introduce defects in the app. It is not a good thing to develop under impossible release schedules with inadequate or limited resources. It can create an adverse impact on the product. Many times, developers do not get enough time to design, develop and unit tested the application in a dev environment. Hence, before moving to a tester’s plate to verify and complete the app. In other words, last-minute changes may result in errors or bugs.

Lack of Experience and Insufficient Practices

Coding plays a vital role in the Software development process. Only bad coding leads to errors in code. Wrong coding means mishandled exceptions, errors, improper validations of inputs. Few programmers are working with wrong tools like faulty debuggers, compilers, validators, etc., using this is about to add errors in the code due to tricky to debug the code.

Human Errors/Factors

Human error is one factor which contributes to the occurrence of software bugs. It is because the human being develops the system. They are not perfect all the time. As humans develop the system, we cannot expect the system would be bug free. Hence this is the one area where the errors might occur in the system. However, we cannot eliminate humans in software testing. Despite automation, there are still activities in the testing process which need human intervention.

Impromptu Changes

Requirements changes are made in the last minute. These can be dangerous, as they might make the software application unstable. This move can add errors in the app. It can also make existing features malfunction or not work at all.

Inadequate Testing Skills and Knowledge

Testers with insufficient testing skills and knowledge may also be a cause for the occurrence of software bugs. Also, if the tester is not paying attention to the testing activity and doing testing without giving importance to it. So it results in the poor quality of the product. Therefore it is essential for testers to be skilled and have sufficient domain knowledge.

Not Enough Designing Experience

To start with developing the main core part of development is design. And how good your design is decided the outcome of software development. So doing design, development and testing in a particular period time set may cause the errors. And these tasks must be done by someone with sufficient knowledge on the subject.

Wrapping Up

The occurrence of software bugs may e due to a lot of factors. There are ways to prevent them, though. One effective way is to be aware of its causes, and, as much as possible, avoid them. This way, though software bugs may not be resolved, at least, they will be minimized.

How software bugs happen must be given attention to. Enough knowledge and information about how bugs happen can help in software testing, making the task easier. And thus, may generate positive test results.

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