Global Application Testing

Global Application Testing

Global Application Testing focuses on autonomous testing augmented with humans. It also allows testing teams to test in over a hundred countries with thousands of vetted professionals. It will enable using read devices within real environments. Moreover, this can allow the company’s customers to deliver high-quality products with less testing efforts.

Furthermore, Global Application Testing provides leading brands with their first impact approach to quality by allowing Agile and DevOps teams to release faster and more often. The Global Application Testing’s Impact First Testing model also mixes the best of automation along with intelligent crowdsourcing. Moreover, this is to deliver fast, precise, and actionable test results with minimal effort.

To Elaborate

In the testing industry, Global Application Testing gained great recognition in terms of innovations. They are also most notably known for inventing Testathon, and their bestselling book “Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality Software and Accelerate Growth.” Furthermore, they were also selected as one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Global Application Testing provides Test Management, Test Execution, and Test results as well as analysis through a distinct cloud-based SaaS platform. They have leverage test management tools so customers can easily create high-quality tests. Aside from that, they can efficiently manage the testing activities in one place.

The scale tests coverage and executes at speed to uncover high-impact bugs in real-world use cases. They can increase velocity by fast test case turnaround along with exploratory testing within 24-48 hours. Global Application Testing offers 24/7, on-demand test resources for Continuous Testing. This is to free up teams so they can focus on their test strategy and analysis.

Global Application Testing uses detailed bug reports in order o help teas share, re-create, and resolve issues. Global Application Testing aims to provide all the data required to make worthy decisions and focuses on fixing the bugs that are crucial to the project.

Other information:

Founded: 2013

Location: 90-92 Pentonville Road, London, UK N1 9HS



Phone: +44 (0) 330-058-3830

Size: 50-200 employees

Clients: WhatsApp, Microsoft, Evernote, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and many others.

Core services: Exploratory testing, localized Testing, and Test Case Execution

Pricing Overview

Global Application Testing offers three pricing plans. Check out below:

Starter Plan: Price starts from $2900 monthly

Scale Plan: Price starts at $5200 monthly

Enterprise Plan: Price starts at $15840 monthly


To reduce the time and effort spent on testing by providing access to global testers. Global Application Testing aims for real-world results to help to deliver much higher quality applications.

More about It

With Global Application Testing, customers may feel confident before every software release. They provide the ability to instantly and effortlessly capture bugs before they affect the end-users. Also, it makes a positive impact by improving KPIs, revenues, and user satisfaction. It is possible through testing in the same environment. It allows testing on real devices, OS versions as well as in different networks. Furthermore, they can also maximize the team’s productivity and assures to improve release velocity. In addition, it integrates with existing workflows with tools already in use.

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