Data Testing

Data-driven testing is a software testing methodology used in testing computer software. It uses a table of conditions as inputs and outputs.

Test environment settings and control in data testing are not hard-coded.

How To Improve Data Testing

To make data testing effective and successful, it is important to let the team know what they are testing, how much to test, and when to stop testing. Then, consider the suggestions below on how to improve your data testing.

Look At The Same Requirements

It is important that the entire team understand the objective of the test. Hence, making sure that everybody is looking at the same requirements.

It is also important to make note of changes. Documenting what is expected is also a must. Updates must be noted. Make sure that everybody is aware of the changes and updates. You cannot have one team member looking at a template which is not updated. It may jeopardize the test and you might have to start over again.

Write a Test Plan

In data testing, it is tempting to skip writing a test plan. The test seems quite basic and easy, and, may be finished quickly. However, a test plan is important. A well-written test plan can give the testers clear boundaries on what to test and how much to test. This way, they will know when it is safe to mark the test as passed.

What To Test

Another way to improve your data testing is to decide what to test. Is the data valid? Is the data format correct? Or maybe you need to know both. Thus, this call for making a decision, either with data validity or data format. But, it is best to consider both.

Where To Test

Decide on where to test. Where is the data coming from? Keep track of it. What are you developing and testing against? Do you need to compare the data for validity verification? All these must be indicated in the test plan.

Including SQL statements in the test plan is a good idea. This will be helpful in getting new test cases in case changes happen. It is also recommended that you provide a clear way of finding a replacement test case.Hence it will save time and minimize stress.

How Much To Test

Decide on how much to test. However, this is the most difficult part of data testing. It will be close to impossible to test everything. Not only that, but it will also be expensive and time consuming.

Hence,it is important to know which to prioritize. By prioritizing, you will be able to test data from the most important to the least important. Although you might not be able o test everything, at least you were able to test the most important ones, especially those which will have a great impact on the result of the test.

Watch Out For OddThings

Meaning, look out for things which do not belong. Or maybe, it just does not look right. The moment you find one, track it down.

However, when tracking down the oddity, you must not spend too much time on it. It may probably be just nothing, thus, you have already wasted too much time. A few minutes would do, then report it. You can ask somebody else to take a look at it if you are unsure.

Stay Focused

It is important to stay focused on what you are testing. Diverting your attention may lead to failure of the test. Why? Because you were notable to do it properly. Concentration and focus are most important when doing tests. Remember that software tests,in this case, data testing is a complex and intricate process.Thus it needs full focus and attention.

To Wrap It Up

The intricacies and complexity of data testing will always be ever present. Just the same, dedicated testers (and developers) find ways to improve them. Modern technology has contributed a lot to help these people in accomplishing their tasks. Therefore, helping them also to achieve their goals.

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