Codeless Test Automation Software Launched By Perfecto

Automation is an unavoidable part of technology’s innovation. Today almost everything is powered bu automation.

Automation is applied in the start of software development. It continues to be present until software reaches its final stage. Consequently, it is still ever present in the daily lives of even the most ordinary people.

Software testing specialist Perfecto has introduced a new codeless, AI-driven testing solution.

Codeless Automation Testing

Codeless testing involves the creation of tests for automation without writing a single piece of code. This approach has been steadily evolving with new innovation on technology. Its focus is more on around reducing the coding process and making it more user friendly. Primarily. the aim of codeless automation testing is to make the setup so easy to use so that automating a test scenario. Thus, take up very less amount of time and require almost no coding efforts. Therefore making the process true codeless testing.

Perfecto’s Codeless Automation Testing

Perfecto, the software testing specialist has introduced a new codeless, AI-driven testing solution. This codeless automation testing claims to eliminate the need for coding skills in the dev testing process. Perfecto Codeless includes machine learning capabilities to help teams automate the process of writing test scripts.

The software’s ML skills will allow test scripts to run continuously and fix themselves without disrupting operations. Thus, they address object maintenance issues within the code.

The automation of script maintenance and introducing codeless test generation allows development teams to focus on product development and innovation, And not on writing Selenuim or Appium test scripts.

How Codeless Automation Testing Works

There are several approaches for the implementation of codeless automation testing. The most common and popular ones involve recording manual tests and playing it back. And also create structured test flow diagrams used to run tests. The record and play approach being the most popular one right now and especially favored by web based products.

The idea behind the record and play approach is that a tester manually performs a test, which the tool records click by click. Then the tool creates scripts to automate the test itself. In addition, the testers can also edit the scripts, and the testing process to make it suitable to their requirements.

The Future Of Codeless Automation Testing

Although codeless automation testing now exists, the need for automation coders would not diminish. Hence, codeless testing is just a tool for automation testers to fast track their jobs and not to replace their jobs.

However, the reality still remains that tools will become smart enough that they will completely eliminate the need for test script coding. This will allow testing instructions to be directly passed on to the system in a complete codeless package. Nevertheless, automation functional testing is the most important requirement of any agile software development process today.

To Wind Up

Technology is running at a vary fast pace. From simple innovations, to today’s supercomputers. And now, codeless automaton testing. The intelligence, resourcefulness and imagination of man truly never ceases to amaze the world.

Coming up with such innovations is the product of a superbly intelligent mind. All these efforts to give man a better life and make the world a better place. Caution must be observed still. There are still some of those “intelligent” people who use these innovations improperly. Thus, not serving the real purpose of technology.

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