All About AIOPs

What is AIOps? The term is short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It refers to the way an IT team manages data and information from an application environment. However, in this case, AI is used.

Defining AIOps

AIOps platforms make use of big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies. Hence, to directly and indirectly enhance IT operations functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insight. AIOps platforms allow for the concurrent use of multiple data sources, data collection methods, analytical technologies, and presentation technologies.

In addition to this, AIOps also improves automation by allowing workflows to be triggered with or without human intervention. Furthermore, ChatOps capabilities make existing automation and orchestration functionality accessible as a vital part of the normal collaborative diagnostic and remediation process.

Thus, as machine-learning systems become more and more accurate and reliable, it becomes possible for routine and well-understood actions to be triggered without human intervention. Therefore potentially resolving issues before users are impacted or even aware of any problem.

Benefits of AIOps

  • AIOps eliminates silos. It also provides a holistic vision throughout the entire IT environment. This is possible by the correlation of data across varied data sources. 
  • Advanced machine learning captures useful information in the background and makes it available in context to improve the handling of future situations further.
  • AIOps removes noise and distractions. Hence, allowing busy IT specialists to focus on what is essential. 
  • Frictionless collaboration between different specialists and service owners accelerates diagnosis and resolution times, minimizing disruption to end-users.

Uses of AIOps

For the Digital Transformation

Efforts for digital transformation are made in varied ways. Digital transformation requires agility and speed. This is a requirement in business. However, IT must work at the pace that is required by the business. Otherwise, a bottleneck will be a problem that IT has to face. AIOps removes much of the friction that can otherwise prevent IT from delivering the level of IT support that successful digital transformation projects require.

For the DevOps Teams

Companies that adopt a DevOps model can Strive to maintain the harmonious relationship between development and IT operations. By integrating DevOps systems directly into an AIOps model can smoothen away much of the friction that can happen at that interface. Hence, making sure that development teams have a better understanding of the status of the environment, and full visibility of when and how developers are making changes and deployments into production, this holistic view ensures the success of the overall project and the achievement of its goals of increased agility and responsiveness.

For Computing in Cloud 

Opting to compute in the Cloud can bring about issues. The Cloud is a hybrid model. Hence, it may be hard to manage and operate if integrated with different IT delivery infrastructures. Adopting AIOps is a way to remove the risks and challenges brought about by a hybrid cloud platform.

To Conclude

Innovation is one thing we cannot avoid. Therefore, all we have to do is to cope with it. Accept change for the better. And AIOps is one of those changes that we must embrace. It is one of those factors which make our lives easier and better.

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