Will Robots Replace Software Developers?

The many advancements in technology and companies investing more into AI and robots than ever before is unavoidable. Hence, the inevitable question remains: will AI replace developers in the future?


Software Developers: Obsolete?

The need for human developers has not subsided, but the advances in AI cannot be ignored, with intelligent robots being able to do everything humans do — and more.

Still, today, companies spend billions on their developers and even more on software failures. Software development is still, however, a very sought after job, considering that software is the backbone of all companies. Despite this though, software development is a talent that is under threat.

It is quite ironic, that the job of exactly those who are responsible for making the technology behind AI and automation tick, are also the ones that are under risk, for exactly this reason. The future seems somewhat foggy for most developers.

The Need for Robots

Technology is driving our lives. New and traditional businesses invest heavily in technology, using it to constantly improve their efficiency and attractiveness. When we examine traditional businesses in the financial industry, health care, utilities, and education, we notice they rely greatly on and invest in IT.

To be able to respond to the growing demand for technology and its ongoing improvement, these organizations are forced to hire more and more employees, resulting in an overwhelming increase in operational costs.

The problem is that as business-driven needs continue to grow, this becomes a never-ending cycle. Adding more developers to respond to this growing gap has become an unscalable, unprofitable, and unsustainable solution.

Will Robots Replace Humans in Software Development

To respond to market needs, organizations will have to incorporate more tools and more automation into their processes. Statistics show that enterprises are investing less in manual professional services and more in platforms and tools, hoping to reduce development time and costs and become more efficient.

To successfully replace IT workers and developers with “robots,” organizations must first identify the right opportunities: places where there are massive manual investments with fairly simple decision making.

The more advanced the AI is, the more automation will ease the IT burden and the more that can be achieved. Robots, or robo-software, will eventually replace developers (as well as other functions in the software development life cycle) and will prove to be the only solution able to support the ongoing demand.

Developers Supporting the Use of Robots

Many developers oppose automation tools, fearing for their jobs and in some cases their unique expertise. However, the truth is that most IT departments fall so far behind demand. Hence, accepting the usage of AI tools, platforms, and automation. Thus, they will successfully and effectively prove their efficiency and capacity. To fix this, AI, robots, and robo-software must be adopted by both high-level executives and on-the-ground developers. Hence, for the benefit of the organization, its clients, and its employees.

Will Robots Replace Software Developers

In Conclusion

Developers have long been in a struggle against the advancement of technology. Trends often outpace an individual’s skills and abilities. However, advancements in AI should not discourage people from becoming developers or staying in the field. It should, however, serve as a warning. That it is critical for developers to stay out in front of the latest trends and practices.

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