Why Software Bugs Exist

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”? I know most of you did. But did you know that bugs are not just around us, creeping during the day and night? Such a thing is also present in software and we call them Software Bugs. So the question is, why do software bugs exist?

What are Software Bugs

Software bugs are malicious flaws when it comes to software or a program. This means having inaccurate or undesired results during software testing and usage.

Such bugs tend to make applications or programs crash and unresponsive. These errors make the said program malfunction.

But what is the reason why software has these bugs? Where do they come from?

Why Software Have Bugs

The most common reason for this is human error. Yes, it’s understandable since we’re just humans.

Software bugs exist because there are errors in the coding and designing stage of a certain software. This is why we have various software testing stages so we could find and discover these bugs.

Complex Softwares

It’s not a secret that developing and maintaining software is hard and complicated. One reason why certain software bugs appear in an application is because of its complexity.

One should have ample knowledge and skills when developing an application especially if it’s too complex for inexperienced software developers.

Miscommunication Between Team Members

Proper communication is one of the most important things between the members of a software team.

Communication can make a huge impact on having stable and accurate coding for a program. Thus, miscommunication may result in having an application wherein software bugs exist.


Time management and having ample time before the deadline is also crucial when developing an application or a program.

If the deadline is too tight, this will result to more flaws in your work. Make sure that when your team is planning on developing software, have realistic schedules and time frames.

Try to Avoid Bugs

It’s not possible to have a perfect software without a single bug. However, you can try to avoid them by following certain tips and tricks

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