Why Database DevOps is Important?

Why Database DevOps is Important?

Database DevOps deals with facilitating the properly planned approach of integrating database changes. This particular process can accelerate the delivery of database changes. But the question is, why do we need DevOps for our database? 

Primarily, DevOps can be able to improve product quality. At the same time, it facilitates faster delivery. In short, DevOps is very vital in the whole functionality of the database. It can affect the productivity as well as deployment.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Database DevOps?

DevOps on databases can offer plenty of benefits. The following benefits can help you answer why we need database DevOps.

  • It can speed up development and delivery. This is one of the major benefits of database DevOps. However, this is also usual for applications and other software development. 
  • It can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and better leverages IT talent. The downside is, this can be delayed, especially when databases change also required most DevOps teams. It will result in many DevOps teams being partially divided due to delays and can reduce productivity.
  • Also, it has shorter iterations: with DevOps, teams can adopt small-batch cycles and slice changes into smaller and more manageable units. This is what happens instead of implementing the full scope of database changes at once. Aside from that, it allows the database team to discuss and accomplish smaller changes within shorter iterations and release revisions faster.
  • It has lesser outages and errors. In DevOps processes, Version Control is the center. But, it is less common when creating and migrating database change. In short, version control is the key enabler when it comes to DevOps.

Other Benefits of Database DevOps

  • It has a more stable build and faster deployment as well as release. In fact, the DevOps methodology supports both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). You can also apply it to the database DevOps. CI and CD can build and test faster. As a result, you can easily detect errors as early as possible. In that way, it possible to create more builds and avoid failures later in the process. 
  • It has improved release management. It is possible through the extension of DevOps to database changes. With a more accurate environment, tams can test changes, find errors, and resolve them, knowing that testing can accurately reflect what is happening in the production.
  • Also, it has more efficient processes and DBA workloads. To provide you with the functionalities you need, DevOps integrates with tools into the database change process. At the same time, you can automate your build, deploy, and release stages. Aside from that, DevOps can also reduce the manual and repetitive tasks database administrators. 

Why Database DevOps is Important?

When it comes to software application development, there are three important terms always to remember: Quality, productivity, and deployment. With all these three, you can lead to the most sought after the aim of every software application or system, which is user satisfaction. 

In order to achieve this goal, almost all organizations in the software industry are finding ways and implementing new methodologies. And one of those several ways is through the use of DevOps. With DevOps, it is possible to obtain all your business goals. 

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