What is Telecom Testing?

Software Quality Assurance is crucial when it comes to developing and releasing software. This includes Telecom Testing. So, what is Telecom Testing? How is it relevant to Software QA? Is it important? What are the benefits? Read on to find out.

The definition of Telecom Testing is simple. It is the testing of Telecommunication Software. In modern days, the usage of technology is skyrocketing. Thus, the industry of telecommunications strongly uses software for its services. This makes software indispensable.

Telecom Services

There are various types of telecom services at hand. Such services include switching & routing, VoIP broadband access, to name a few. Hence, telecom software testing is not to be neglected.

Let’s start off with switching and routing. Now, don’t get me wrong. These two are different in many ways possible. Unfortunately, people have a difficult time to differentiate both. So here is a simple explanation that many of you will be able to understand.

  • Switching

It is also known as a multi-port bridge. This means that it can determine where one should send a packet. This is completed by an examination of the MAC address within the packet’s data link header. A MAC address is a network adapter’s hardware address. Switches also operate at layer 2 of an OSI Model.

Also in switching, moving packets between the same network-devices are involved.

  • Routing

On the other hand, routing involves the moving of packets in different networks. Hence, this is one thing that would differentiate switching and routing.

Also, instead of operating in layer 2, routing operates in layer 3 of an OSI Model. With this in mind, a router may be able to determine where it would send a packet. This is by using the Network ID in the network layer header. Afterwards, it then determines the route into the destination host by using a routing table.

  • VoIP broadband access

VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a method of voice communication deliveries over the internet. Such communications include voice calls, SMS, fax and voice-messaging by using the internet and not the public switched telephone network.

Domain Testing

Domain testing is essential for the testing of software products. Why? Because of the following reasons and benefits.

  • Training time is reduced.
  • It is quite helpful when tracking defects quickly
  • It gives great ideas concerning UI features
  • Technical terminology is easily understood

Wrapping Things Up

End-to-end service verification is crucial when it comes to telecom services. This is to ensure efficient testing.


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