What Every New Software Test Must Learn

A new software tester must learn a lot of things. It is a known fact that software testing requires endless knowledge acquisition. In other words, it is a continuous learning process. Let us learn about the things that every newbie must know.

DevOps and Agile

New testers must be acquainted with DevOps and Agile methodologies. This will help meet the pressing demands of delivery deadlines. DevOps and Agile encourage collaboration and iterative models for the testers to work on. DevOps promotes teamwork throughout the entire process. Agile is responsible for completing the project faster. DevOps and Agile working together will result in the fast delivery of high-quality software products.

Test Automation

Manual testing is a time-consuming, tedious task. In addition to this, modern technology increases application complexities and integration. Therefore, it will be quite impossible for manual testing alone to complete the project on time and with positive results. Every new tester, or even not-so-new- ones, must learn how to automate tests. Automation makes work faster, therefore completing tasks on time. There may be some limitations to test automation, but its results are still reliable. Using test automation tools in STLC makes work completion faster and efficient.

Modern Technologies for Web and Mobile

Knowledge of web and mobile technologies is another thing that every tester must learn. This will help them understand the application better, from its design to its functions. Furthermore, it will give them an idea of what action to take to implement the testing process.
One thing every tester must bear in mind is the endless changes that technology undergoes. Therefore, keeping a tab and monitoring new changes in web and mobile technologies is essential. This way, you can apply new methods to new technologies and not obsolete methods to new technologies. Being updated on modern technology innovations will make a tester more effective and productive.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Every software tester must have domain knowledge and expertise on the SDLC process. Having the right skills and using proper tools will help them understand the process and develop comprehensive plans for the test cycles. This will also prepare them for whatever issues and complexities that might arise during the testing process. Hence, they will be able to make the necessary preventive measures early.

Rational Analysis and Logical Thinking

Testers must also learn how to be rational, analytical, and logical to remain competitive. These skills, when applied while testing, can help in the identification of errors, understanding complexities, assessing strange behavior of the software, and testing them. 

Validating applications require excellent reasoning and analytical skills. Therefore, to be a useful software tester, logical and analytical skills must be learned. These factors are essential in giving an unbiased analysis of the application, therefore determining what appropriate course of action to take to resolve issues.

Software testing facts and myths

Wrapping Up

There are more things that every software tester must learn. These skills must not only be mastered by new testers, but are also applicable to long-time testers. Software testing requires endless knowledge and skills acquisition. Therefore, continuous learning for every tester is essential.

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