Understanding Code Walkthrough

Code Walkthrough is a form of peer review in which a programmer leads the review process and the other team members ask questions. And spot possible errors against development standards and other issues. The code walkthrough in software testing helps in quality confirmation.


Code Walkthrough In-Depth

In this method, when module has been coded, effectively ordered. And each sentence structure mistakes expelled. The situation finds an engineer a welcoming technical lead. The database director, and a few associates meet to experience an arrangement of source modules before production execution.

The typical scenario finds a developer inviting his technical lead, a database administrator, and one or more peers to a meeting to review a set of source modules prior to production implementation. 

Characteristics of Code Walkthrough

  • The meeting is typically driven by the author of the record under survey. And went to by different individuals from the group.
  • Audit sessions might be informal or formal.
  • Before the walkthrough code meeting, the preparation by commentators. And after that an audit report with a rundown of discoveries is checked.
  • The scribe, who is not the author, denotes the minutes of meeting. 
  • The primary motivation behind code walkthrough and code inspection is to empower finding out about the substance of the document under audit. Hence to help colleagues pick up an understanding of the substance of the report. And furthermore to discover defects and bugs.

Code Walkthrough Process

  • The meeting is usually led by the author of the document under review. And attended by other members of the team.
  • Review sessions may be formal or informal.
  • Before the walkthrough meeting, the preparation by reviewers and then a review report with a list of findings.
  • The scribe, who is not the author, marks the minutes of meeting.
  • The main purpose of walkthrough is to enable learning about the content of the document under review. Hence, to help team members gain an understanding of the content of the document and also to find defects.

Benefits of Code Walkthrough

  • Improved Code Quality: Improved code quality is ensured by the enforcement of coding standards.
  • Improved Application Performance: Improved application performance is ensured by the review of all database access paths by the DBA and technical lead. And the improvement or removal of questionable coding practices.
  • Improved Developer Performance: Peer reviews are an important component of a continuing training plan.  How else can a developer hone his skills?  Few training vendors offer formal sessions for developers with more than five years of experience, and fewer employers take advantage of those sessions.

Objectives of Code Walkthrough

  • To show the documents both inside and outside the software product train with a specific end goal. Hence, to assemble the data in regards to the theme under documentation.
  • The Code walkthrough tools clarify or do the learning exchange and assess the substance of the document.
  • To discuss and examine the validity of the proposed arrangements.
Understanding Code Walkthrough

To Wrap Up

A code walkthrough is an effective tool in the areas of quality assurance and also of education. As the technical lead and database administrator suggest and likewise discuss improvements to the code. The result is due to the better performance of the developer, his programs, and the entire application.

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