Understanding Assurance Case Management

Assurance case management refers to assuring that the system exhibits complex properties supported by evidence. Assurance cases that mostly focused on the safety of the system are usually called safety cases. It also often required as part of the regulatory safety process. A safety certification will grant only when the regulator approves the argument presented in the case. To tell the safety components of the system, it is safe to say that there is no hazard in the process.

More About Assurance Case Management

Moreover, it depends on the objectives of the assurance case to be considered a security case, dependability case, and so on. The test suites can assist in organizing all the test cases divided into logical groups. The comprehensive features of test cases will allow giving meaning to the severity of the test case. It also includes priority, pre-conditions, postconditions, and the steps to reproduce test case. 

  • Case review
  • Import and export
  • Steps shared
  • Data sets
  • milestones

Case management is a kind of process incorporating the culmination of consecutive phases. It helps clients to evaluate the access available and related sources needed to achieve identified goals. In other words, case management is also a collaborative procedure. It involves assessment, planning, facilitating, and advocacy for options and services. This process has the goal to meet holistic needs by communication. The available resources should promote quality but cost-effective results. 

Undergoing assurance case management can help to trace the status of tests, milestones, and projects efficiently. It assists in getting instant insights into the testing progress. Apart from that, it can also optimize productivity and filters email notifications. 

What Does it Include?

The assurance case management includes providing claims. A usual system assurance claim is more like evidence supporting the effectiveness. The characteristics of a claim can be as follows:

  • The claims should be provable.
  • Claims should never be open-ended
  • The claims should be bound.

Specifically, the statements of claims shall probably involve facts, in a way recognized with confidence. The evidence should gather some complex analysis derived from additional facts. The assurance case is a structured discussion. It should justify the system and assured relatively to the concern in an intended operating environment—the cases for another systems concern such as security or reliability. 

The solutions to case management

A case file involves a collection of customer communications like feedbacks. This file also includes forms, documents processes, reports, and other supporting documentation. In this way, it drives to more successful optimization results. Furthermore, it also secures the individual bits of materials files within.

The workflow or process of business is necessary to move the case to its outcomes. Moreover, the process outcomes are the successful resolution of the case. Certain participants also might need to respond within the given period. T involves managing cases that need to have progress reporting. In addition, it also entails action monitoring for the cases. Assurance management brings order to test cases, most notably to the ones pertaining to quality assurance. Therefore, managing test cases appropriately will prevent trouble in the system. 

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