Understanding Anonymous Attacks

What does Anonymous mean? Anonymous group of international hacktivists. The group is well-known for its different DDoS cyber attacks against corporations, government agencies, and other organizations.

Getting to Know Anonymous

Anonymous is a loosely organized international movement of online activists who share similar social and political ideals. Anonymous says it promotes access to information, free speech, and transparency. According to them, they also support various anti-corruption and anti-authoritarian organizations.

The group is said to be anarchic. In other words, it has no controlling leadership. Every member of the group makes their own decisions individually. They use social media to convey their ideas and activities to one another. Once these ideas gain enough support, then they agree about dates, virtual meetings, and other pertinent details.

How to Join the Group

Members of Anonymous say it is easy to join the group. All you have to do is hide your identity while conducting your online activities, and you are in. Because of the complicated, informal, and, of course, anonymous nature of the group, it is not possible to establish accurate details on its membership.

What Anonymous Does

The group is famous for engaging in “hacktivism” or collaborative hacking activities. This is their way of expressing protest against organizations, government agencies, and other offices and institutions.

Their retaliatory protest often manifest in the form of DoS (denial-of-service) or DDoS (distributed denial-of-service). This activity shuts down internet-based services and internet websites.

Other people might take these hackers for granted. However, their cyber attacks range from ordinary minor pranks to damaging different organizations. It even came to a point where they were able to shut down the website of the United States’ CIA.

More on Hacktivists

The Internet is a mighty weapon. It was developed to make lives more accessible and activities faster. However, there are those conscientious people who abuse the Internet and use it for inflicting harm on others as a sign of protest.

These kinds of people are commonly called hacktivists. The term came from the words “hacker” and “activists.” There exists a group of these hacktivists who call themselves Anonymous. They work towards a common goal as that of regular activists who stake demonstrations and rallies on the streets. The only difference is that hacktivists use their technological know-how to show protest. And this is a hazardous course of action. It can shut down an organization, or even an entire government. However, this is the solution that they believe will call the attention of involved parties. They think it might push people to take action and address the issues and rights that they are fighting for.

Effects of Cybercrime

To wrap Up

The activities of Anonymous cause damage and even chaos to organizations, government agencies, and also to other business institutions. This is the reason why authorities are hunting them down. There may be instances when their cause might be reasonable. However, it does not help to add pain to injury. In other words, inflicting damage on something (via cyber attacks) that might be contradicting to your ideas and opinions is not a solution to the problem.


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