Top Automation Tools for the Year 2019

Automation testing must use the right kinds of tools to be successful. That is why it is very important to choose the right automation tools for automation testing.

In this article, we will be presenting the top automation tools for 2019. Hence, if you are engaged in this field, or you need automation testing services, the information given here might help.


Let us start the list with Zephyr. The company consists of a diverse type of people, all working towards one goal. As a result, the company is able to provide the best and quality service to its clients.

Zephyr provides solutions for different teams, regardless of its size. Because of this, faster release of better software is achieved by Zephyr by giving you the insights, flexibility, and visibility needed.

Zephyr believes that its people, powered by inspiration, determination and hard work, can contribute a lot for the good of the world. This may then mean change for the better.

Aside from delivering quality service for automation testing, Zephyr has also committed itself to the Pledge 1% Movement which results to having a contribution to help the world through charity works.


Next on the top ten list is Ranorex. This automation testing tool is an all-in-one automation testing solution. Based in Graz, Austria, Ranorex work hard so that they could deliver the best automation solutions.

Ranorex was founded in 2007. Since then, it has been empowering software teams with tools which can handle interfaces that are hard to automate.


A codeless Selenium test automation platform, TestCraft has a unique and revolutionary AI technology. This is the reason why this unique technology can create and excute tests faster.

Because of TestCraft’s AI technology, bugs are detected faster and is being able release them more often. It can improve the overall quality of digital products by integrating with CI/CD.


Fourth on the list is Squish. It is actually the choice of over 3000 companies around the world. Squish is a 100% cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) testing tool.

It has several key features. Among them are:

  • Object identification and verification is reliable and powerful
  • It is not dependent on images or visual appearances
  • CI-System and Test Management integrations
  • Embedded platforms, desktop, web, and mobile support, and a lot more


Tricentis comes next on the top ten list. The Tricentis platform is reinvented for DevOps. It also improves the quality of software and real-time insight is gained into business risks related with each release.

Tricentis also uses state of the art and updated testing methods and tools. As a result, every client is has an assurance that it can meet the demands of every business when it comes to automation.


Maveryx Test Automation Framework provide testing capabilities for Web and desktop technologies. This automation testing tool can give you faster delivery time without sacrificing the quality of your products and this will result to increasing your coverage and lower testing costs.

This is a regression and functional tool as well. This means that it has easy to use features which are best for beginners and experts alike. It also provides powerful features which can automate different applications.

Different Software Testing


A combination of methods, frameworks, and practices enable QMetry’s team to build and deploy quality software faster. Over 700 brands worldwide trusts its more than 20 integration offers.

QMetry also offers services in industries like travel, education, hospitality, healthcare, finance, and high technology.


Mabl is an automated regression testing tool. It is easy to set-up. It allows auto-healing, which automatically updates when your UI changes. This makes you spend less time in maintaining tests.

Bugs can be fixed faster. This is before they can do further damage. Mabl assures its clients that the quality of the software is maintained.


Widely used and currently in demand in the market is Selenium. This is an open-source web automation tool. Selenium can automate across different OS (operating systems).

Among the features of Selenium is its ability to record and playback. More advanced and complex automation scripts may be created through its powerful WebDriver.


Functionize can combine performance, load, and functional testing into one platform. This cloud-based automated testing technology also leverages AI and machine learning. It also learns any application, diagnosis, maintenance, and increases the speed of test creation.

Choose Wisely

It is important for you to know what you really need. If you do, you’ll know which automation test tool to choose as a result. There are also certain tools which are suited for different needs. You just have to be enlightened with these kind of information.

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