The Ransomware Called Snake

What is ransomware? It is a type of malicious software. A ransomware blocks access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. The Snake ransomware seems to have made the news last week on account of its name rather than its prevalence.

The Snake

Like most ransomware, Snake does not touch your operating system files and programs. Therefore, your computer will still boot up and log in.  And thus, let you open your favorite apps so that in purely technical terms, you have a working system.

However, all your essential data files are scrambled with a randomly chosen encryption key. Scrambled files consist of the encrypted content written back over the original data, with decryption information added at the end.

How Snake Works

Snake ransomware starts by removing the computer’s Shadow Volume Copies. Hence, killing numerous processes related to SCADA systems and virtual machines. Likewise relates to industrial control systems, remote management tools, network management software, and more. Shadow copies are changes in files made on a computer. A Windows crawler records it.

You can imagine how detrimental removing an organization’s shadow copies and disabling their SCADA systems would be. They will have no record of their file changes, and their critical monitoring systems would be down.

After this destruction, Snake encrypts the files on the computer, just like most ransomware programs do. As part of this process, it appends “EKANS” as a file marker along with a five-character string to the file extension of each file it encrypts.

Protecting Your Computer from Ransomware

It is not wise to trust irrelevant emails that you receive from unknown and, likewise, suspicious addresses. One important factor to remember is to be sure of the emails or links you receive. It is never safe to open them if its security is in question.  It might contain malicious malware. Furthermore, it is essential to update the software with the use of implemented functions or tools.

The software is not free and requires activation if installed. It is illegal to bypass the activation of licensed software this way, and it often leads to the onset of various malware. At the same time, it is unsafe to download software from websites that are suspicious or not trustworthy. Likewise, the use of third party downloaders.

Using direct links and official websites is the most reliable way of downloading files. Installing a reputable antivirus or anti-spyware on the operating system will prevent it from being damaged by malicious programs. Running a scan with Spyhunter for Windows is recommended. That is, if Snake has already infected your computer. This will eliminate this ransomware automatically.

In Conclusion

Malware of any kind is a big issue. It can cause either minimal or much damage to your computer. Therefore, it is imperative that you protect your computer. Protecting the computer is done by installing antivirus or anti-spyware. But not just any antivirus, though. You need to know which can give your computer the best protection ever. Hence, making it secure and protected.

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