The Innovation of QACube: Version 2.9

The Innovation of QACube: Version 2.9

QACube delivers transparency across software delivery. Experienced software and quality management experts in banking develop QACube. 

What is QACube?

This company started way back in 2014 and only based on working with just some banking and financial services clients. Before, it only begins in a small office in a startup building but having a big vision. They face challenges at that time, such as struggling with software testing reports and trying to splice together different excel worksheets. 

When their clients can create their quantitative reports and excellent graphics for management, the big data of software testing was already out of date. The company usually caters to industries such as banking, financial services, telecom, and insurance. 

Today, QACube is a software quality assurance platform for DevOps. It helps to drive competitive advantage and predictive visual analytics and reporting in different famous testing and defect tracking tools. It involves the following tools:

  • JIRA software
  • CA Agile Central 
  • HP QC Enterprise
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • Tricentis
  • Tosca
  • SpiraTest
  • SonarQube
  • Tasktop

Moreover, QACube customers aim to deliver high-quality software on time with fewer risks. Industries such as banking, financing services, insurance, telecom providers, and many more can achieve QA transparency for faster time to market while maintaining lower risks. 

Version 2.9

As time goes by, the QACube quality assurance platform introduces its new version for DevOps. This is what we call version 2.9, which has exciting features and new adaptors for Bugzilla, Gitlab, Xray, etc. Aside from that, the latest version makes some improvements on adaptors for JIRA, Team Foundation Server, as well as Tosca. In this way, it makes a connection to QACube easier than ever. There are many new adaptors, such as:

  • CA Agile Center
  • Excel
  • SonarQube
  • SpiraTest
  • Tasktop 

Features of version 2.9

In the new version, the QACube releases Dashboard that will display the customer-defined quality gates or KPIs for requirements, test scenarios, defects, and test cases. At the same time, users can predefine a broad range for a particular KPI, like the KPI percentage of failed test cases.

When a result breaches a predefined KPI range, the system will automatically display a warning note informing the user. This particular feature is just of the excellent improvements and outstanding features available with QACube version 2.9.

Moreover, the expansion of the QACube Training Academy is the best improvement of the QACube. They are offering on-site training classes, and they are also expanding the following:

  • Exclusive free widgets explanation videos
  • Video tutorials and guides
  • Remote learning

The Innovation of QACube: Version 2.9

Generally, a theory states that behind every successful enterprise, there is a high quality, reliable, and stable software. This is true. With the innovation today, technology reigns. You cannot obtain business agility in the digital world without the need for end-to-end collaborative QA reporting, especially for continuous improvements in DevOps.

That is the reason why QACube exists. They continue to discover and develop new things for the fulfillment of goals for ordinary people. Technology may seem overwhelming, but these incredible discoveries power almost every gadget they are using. 

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