The Importance of Software Testing

Software testing is a process to evaluate the functionality of a software application. Its intention is to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not. Likewise, to identify the defects to ensure that the product is error-free to produce the quality product.

Software testing is an important process in software development. Let us talk about its importance as we go through this article.

Quality of the Product 

To make your product vision come to life, it has to work as planned. Following the product requirements are vital, to an extent, because it helps you get the wanted results.

Products always serve users in some ways, so it must bring the value it promises. Hence it should work properly to ensure the excellent customer experience. Development of an app has many processes included.  Testing gets a glimpse of every bit. It checks if the graphics of the app are appropriately aligned. It also tests the main functionality, and checks if menus are intuitive, etc. However, after developers fix issues, sometimes another issue may appear unexpectedly somewhere else. That is how testing sometimes goes, so it is great to find those issues to be resolved and be a part of the quality product being delivered to the marketplace.

Device compatibility is also checked for the product; for example, an app’s compatibility on many devices and operating systems. Testing companies usually have many methods and tools available to cover as many testing scenarios as possible.

Saves Money

Testing has many benefits, and one of the most important ones is cost-effectiveness. Having testing in your project can save money in the long run. Software development consists of many stages, and if bugs are caught in the earlier stages, it costs much less to fix them. That is why it is important to get testing done as soon as possible. Getting testers or QA’s who are technically educated and experienced for a software project is just like an investment, and your project will benefit budget-wise.

Why may you ask? Imagine you just downloaded a banking app, and it has one of the smallest commissions around the market for sending money fast. You tried to “Sign Up,” and an “Error” message showed up. Now due to that problem, not only you, but many other users can’t “Sign Up” and use that product. Users will go and find another similar app that works and probably will never return to that one because of the bad experience they had.

Testing essentially helps you save time and money in the long run. The maintenance costs are also lower. Furthermore, if the product works 100% as it should, no exponential damage is done to your business cost-wise.

Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal for a product owner is to give the best customer satisfaction. The reason why apps and software should be tested is to bring the best user experience possible. Being the best product in this saturated market will help you gain trustworthy clients, which will have significant long-term effects. Once users have fantastic customer experience, they will, without a doubt, tell their friends. Hence, word to mouth will make it advertise itself, but this works both ways.

Customer trust is not easy to earn, especially if your product is glitching and functioning, only 60% of the time. You are a user of many products and perhaps have had horrible experiences that made you delete the app and tell others not to use it. 


Another critical point to add is security. This is probably the most sensitive and yet most vulnerable part.

Users of many products and apps always look for products that would give their information to with confidence and know that it will be safe; perhaps so do you. Their data and what they do with it should stay as private as possible, especially using services where it is a vulnerability to us, for example, banking information, security details, etc.

Wrapping Up

Software testing is an important phase in the software development life cycle. It helps businesses to be successful and satisfies customers by delivering high quality software.

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