Test Triggers Monitoring

Test Triggers Monitoring

These refer to triggers that come with responsibilities. These triggers can be used for verifying authentication credentials from users in order to access the API.

Triggers that involves in Building Automation

In order to build Intelligent Automation, there are available test triggers available for use. As you read in this article, you will get to find and learn about them.

Schedule Trigger

This refers to the time-based trigger and the most popular trigger of all. By schedule trigger, launching tasks can be easier, and specifying intervals is possible. Aside from that, with schedule triggers, monitoring tasks by automation is possible. Setting up the schedule trigger, for example, will check the contents of the email inbox once every second.

File System Trigger

A File system trigger is another popular trigger. It allows kicking off a task every time there are more files added. Likewise, modifying and deleting within a specific folder. Other than that, it can also trigger a task when:

  • The number of files exceeds the specified amount.
  • The total size of the folder under monitoring is greater than the specified amount
  • The size of a particular file goes over the specified amount.

Since most of the organizations have moving files, the File system trigger is very useful to that scenario. It is capable of monitoring anywhere that saves a lot of time. Too much wasted time is the result of the absence of triggers. Late arrival may possibly occur because of delays in schedule with the trigger.

Email Trigger

This trigger allows monitoring the exchange mailbox for emails that matches the complex criteria. You can filter according to the email address, subject, name of attachment, and size. Tasks and workflows begin with executing immediately the incoming email that matches your criteria after receiving.

Database Trigger

This trigger is becoming popular today. Its new release is Version 10. You can launch a task after performing a particular operation. This trigger is ideal for automated execution of operations related to databases.

SharePoint Trigger

This trigger is the most common among companies. It helps to organize files and enables collaboration. Moreover, automation helps in verification files if they are up to date or not. SharePoint triggers can also trigger tasks.

Performance Trigger

When you met a system or process threshold, Performance trigger launches a task such as memory usage and capital utilization. Back office servers can benefit the most from this trigger.

Start-Up and Log On Trigger

Automate or startup, automate the enterprise, or Log on triggers tasks that are necessary to run upon the start of the system. When the service starts in automate, the startup trigger fires, and when the users log on. On the other hand, automate enterprise triggers only upon the user log on.

Test Triggers Monitoring

Other Test Triggers

For monitoring tests, you can also check out on these triggers:

  • SNMP Trap
  • Widow Trigger
  • Service Trigger
  • Idle Trigger
  • Keyboard Trigger
  • Event log Trigger
  • Process Trigger
  • WMI Trigger

Wrapping up

In fact, technology is very intricate and complicated. With that said, it makes it hard for ordinary people to understand. Fortunately, developers, testers, and other technically knowledgeable people are making it easier for everybody. They are always there to ensure that the products we are using are of good and high quality. At the same time, they ensure to offer the best functionalities.

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