Test Driven Development: What Is It?

Test driven development (TDD) has gained popularity these days. Many have tried it, failed, and have given up on it.

What is TDD or test driven development? Is it important? Where is it used? A lot of questions may pop up in your mind about test driven development. This article will try to answer as much questions as it can.


Test driven development is a software development approach. In TDD, a test is written first before the code. The new code is then improved without affecting its behavior once it passes the test.

The source code is thoroughly and meticulously tested with the help of TDD. Test driven development writes codes which are necessary to pass the test. Its design is usually simple and clear.

Test driven development is responsible in enabling a programmer to advance step by step while writing software.



Test driven development is useful to web developers. If used properly, TDD is the simplest way to have good test coverage and good quality code.

TDD tests the discipline of a developer. Remember that in TDD, a test must be written first before the code. Although in some cases the code comes before the test, it may produce good results. But the protocol of test driven development was not followed.


Yes, TDD has benefits. Writing codes require certain criteria. This will make your work faster and easier as you will have a guide in this criteria. Following a criteria is an assurance that you have done your work thoroughly and that you have not missed anything.

Test driven development makes you focus on a particular thing – the codes. Let us say the code you have written failed. You will only be focusing on that failed code then. You will find ways to improve and rewrite it to make it pass.

TDD helps a developer create tidier codes. Small but important and significant factors may be addressed with the help of Test driven development.

Once the codes a developer has created passes the test, in TDD, it is safe to refactor it then. New functionality may also be added to the code without altering anything.
Test Driven Development: What Is It?
Test Driven Development: What Is It?

Because the code has been tested properly, once it passes the test, you are assured of lesser bugs. This means TDD can serve as a “filter” for bugs.

Test driven development can cost less and increase investment returns. How? Unlike those codes which did not go through test driven development, codes which passed the test on TDD is assured of having the best quality. Although TDD might cost much at first, in the long run, you will realize that it costs less. You do not have to spend more time and money fixing bugs and addressing other issues if you practice TDD.


Test driven development or TDD may sound complicated. But if you gather enough information about it and understand the procedure better, you might learn to appreciate it.

TDD is very useful to web developers. Not only does it instill certain disciplines on the developer, but it also guarantees the people of high-quality codes with the best functionality.

TDD can also benefit businesses. Since test driven development assures us of fewer bugs on our computer software, this means businesses will be functioning properly without any hitches. Especially those businesses and other industries who are dependent on computers and automation.

So if you are a web developer, why not give test driven development a try. It is only complicated to those who lack enough knowledge about it. But if you keep an open mind and give TDD a try, who knows, it might work well for you.

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