Test Automation in the Real World

Test automation is a fantastic field with incredible potential. Nevertheless, the reality of it fails soon after they are initiated. It’s easy to spend significant time and money pushing through test automation. If only there is some other way to prevent common fails and problems that can be encountered, you will definitely do so, right?!

Automation was a part of a large and costly business project. It is developing a new web portal that provides users with opportunities to install security applications on their devices. The developing portal should have become the flagship product, so it was decided to insist on test automation.

In the real world today, it plays a significant role, especially in software testing. It is part of every phase and stage. Without test automation, nothing is possible in software testing. Yes, you can use manual testing, but try to think about the big difference between the two. It is more convenient using test automation. Outside software development, you can also use test automation. We use it often without realizing that it is what actually is doing.

As time goes by, it is becoming more improved and developed. How about future generations? Just imagine what kind of test automation will be in the future? For sure, it is much advanced and innovative. As technology keeps on going forward, there are a lot of changes and improvement which helps us, people, to make our work easier. All of that is happening now is absolutely gone through testing before making it available to consumers.

That is the reality of automation in our world today. In addition to that, many are indeed dependent on the testing automation process.

Benefits of Test Automation

  1. It saves time

  • It can reduce the testing time since it is testing automatically, unlike manual testing. You can also design it to be continuous because the test should be repeated every time or as frequent as possible
  1. Improves accuracy

  • The repetitious manner of this process makes the project lessen the risk of failures and issues. As you keep on testing. You can sense right away if there is something wrong with your application or system. In that way, you can create and find a solution as soon as possible, and also; you can prevent that in the future.
  1. More test coverage

  • The more data you have, the better decisions you can make about your product. Test automation increases the depth and scope of tests.
  1. Bugs fixed earlier

  • Tests can run automatically every time you don’t update source code, and you don’t send appropriate feedback to the developers.

  1. Real-world simulation

  • It enables organizations to test web applications through simulating virtual users. This is impossible to achieve in manual testing.
  1. Increase Morale

  • Developers are pleased to receive results faster, they will have additional time to perform other tasks or tests, and most especially with that scenario, they can focus more on increasing product quality.

Nowadays, test automation enables teams to be more agile and release higher quality software faster than before and directly improving and developing releases cycles, meeting software satisfactions and expectations, increasing team morale, and cost-effective but less budget required.

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