Steps On How to Secure Your Code

Steps On How to Secure Your Code

Securing your code does not have to kill the joy of programming. Learning how to code securely can provide insights into languages as well as computing. Coding is not just about sitting down and using a useful editing tool, a web server, or just exploring your computer. To do coding right, it requires improvisation and accurate planning. The first thing to plan is how you will write secure code.

One essential skill that programmers must possess is the ability to write secure code. In this article, we will discuss a few necessary steps that coders can take to write secure software.

Do Not Trust User Data

Most of the unsecured codes come from software, which usually trusts the user’s data inputs. For instance, when filling out a form, every field should have at least a simple check done to validate the data. This will prevent users from inputting URLs to hijack the software. Besides, when there are errors, the messages should be brief such as “file not found” or “please enter a correct address.” 

You Own Your Code

The code you create is your responsibility, no matter how many ways you make your code secure. Though a 100% secure code is impossible, coders can still ensure their code by taking all minimum steps. This usually includes input data, seeking out people and other resources to learn more about how to secure code. At the same time, testing your code with some malicious codes will help you to see what will happen.

Models Threats to Your Code

Another way to secure your code is to list all the useful details about the software you are creating. You should find answers to these questions:

  • What are all the entry points in your code?
  • What are their forms?
  • Who are the users?
  • How much you trust your users?

These questions can help you secure your code. You can trace data from every entry point to your code to ensure that you are handling your data correctly. Besides, you should look out at the threat model as much as possible to ensure they are up to date. At the same time, they are account for changes to the code and other aspects that might influence the system and code security.

Steps On How to Secure Your Code

Write Code Securely

This is one of the most important steps in securing your code. Before coding, make sure to build security in. Define all the permission required for the software and how these permissions will impact every part of the software. As you write your code, it is not necessary to use language functions. Aside from that, do not use MD5 for encryption. Other ideas of writing secure code include configuration parameters instead of hard-coding values such as URLs, file paths, or other commonly used values.

Though you may think that these steps will get you out from the joy of coding, it will make coding more interesting and a bit challenging. As we all know, software coding or programming is a complex process, but once you get used to it and master it, you will surely find it enjoyable. Securing your code is one of the most interesting parts of coding.

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