Steps in Fixing Software Bugs in a Stress-Free Manner

Steps in Fixing Software Bugs in a Stress-Free Manner

It is undeniably true that software bugs are very annoying, and resolving them can be stressful and exhausting. Luckily, there are stress-free ways to deal with these annoying bugs. This post will talk about several ways of fixing software bugs. You never know, maybe you might it quite challenging, but enjoyable.

7 Easy Steps to Fix Software Bugs

In order to debug properly, give yourself enough room to perform the task. You can work easier and stress-free if you are working in a comfortable environment. You can consider the following steps in fixing bugs in software products in a stress-free workplace.

Make the issues known

You just let the users know that something is wrong. Even if it is a security issue, you can still mum about it. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening as a user. You should tell the users and not just leave them in the dark. 

Find ways to resolve issues quickly

To fix the issue relatively, you should try to get an idea about something you can do. Just ship that fixes if that is the case. You will have fewer affected users once it goes live. Grumble managers can grumble something else. They will leave you in peace to dig deeper into the problem. It is much better to find its cause and solve it immediately. 

Seek a workaround

Broken functionality is not the only way to achieve a task. Let the users know some alternative ways of getting what they need to for them to keep working. You can use whatever channels you have. The workaround may involve doing things offline even it may probably be clumsy and slow. 

Switch off the broken features

If the payment feature break, remove the “pay” button. Likewise, remove the search bar if the search feature break. Though users will not still be able to achieve what they want to do, the functionality remains something to have confidence in. At the same time, you would not have to be inundated with new alerts and logs. 

Work methodically

You should have more time to focus and get the job done with a calm and stress-free work environment. Having with you a list of things to work through will help you feel more in control. 

Extra pair of eyes

It will be most helpful if you have an additional pair of eyes to help you look into the problem. In that way, it will help you keep on track and make it less likely that you will follow deadlines. It is a good thing that you have a partner who knows the system as well as you do. If not, you can help you stay on the right track.

Reproduce the issue

It will set yourself up for success when you try to reproduce the issue locally. Once you make them occur at will, bugs become less mysterious. It also means you will know when you have fixed them. You can be able to demonstrate the bug occurring before and after you apply the patch.

Other stress-free ways to fix bugs:

  • Eliminating the obvious potential causes
  • Listing down all the payers and layers
  • Find changes
  • Think about next time

Steps in Fixing Software Bugs in a Stress-Free Manner

It is a big factor to work in a stress-free environment in any field of work. As we all know, stress can make us irritable, tired, and moody. Overall, it does not have any positive effect on anybody. At the same time, stress can be a challenge, too. It can push and motivates you to improve on things to make stress-free, efficient, and productive. 

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