Software Testing: Rules to Follow

Software testing is vital in the software development life cycle. Together with software development, it guarantees that software quality is elevated. However, software testers must adhere to some rules. Let us talk about these rules.

Find Bugs

Now, this is the number one rule that software testers must follow. Generally, the main role of software tester is to find bugs. However they have to do it early, fast and quick.

A software tester must start the software testing process as soon as the requirement specification document is received. Review the specification document carefully, get your queries resolved. With this, you can easily find bugs in requirement documents, and many times this happens that requirement document gets changed when the testing team raises questions.

Preparing Test Scenarios and Test Cases

Prepare test scenarios and test cases. To follow this rule, you need to have at least three testing levels, namely: Integration or unit Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing.

Do not try to become famous by completing tasks before time and by losing quality. Some testers do this and get appreciation from managers in new project cycles. But you should stick to the quality and perform quality testing. If you tested the application entirely, then you can go with numbers.

Real Data Testing

Apart from invalid data entry, testers must test the application with real data. This can be taken from the business analyst and client.

Tracking Change Requests

In this situation, for testers or Test leads, they must keep track of change requests in a separate excel document. This commonly happens through email communication.

Know the Importance of Regression Testing

The testing team MUST perform regression testing. In other words, the testing team does not just find bugs. Regression testing comes after the development team is finished with bug fixes. Therefore gives release to the testing team. Hence, the entire application must undergo regression testing.

Do Not Expect Too Much From Automation

Automated testing can be beneficial and can be a real time saver. But it can also turn out to be a costly and invalid solution. Consider  Return On Investments (ROI).

Bug Leaks

This usually happens when a client raises or discovers a bug after the product is released. Testers must analyze bugs and present bug leakage input. Preventive actions must also be prepared in case the problem happens again in the future

Focus on the Testing Process

Test management and other testing tools make our tasks easy, but these tools cannot perform testing. So instead of focusing on devices, focus on core software testing. You can be very successful by using essential tools like MS Excel.

Quality is Important

A tester must perform quality testing. Although the main reason for software testing is to find bugs, it must also focus on software quality. Software testing must also give importance to client business requirements and expectations.

Wrapping Up

Software testers play important roles in the software test life cycle. They are responsible for finding bugs and documenting them. Therefore coming up with a bug report to help developers fix the bugs. Hence, resulting in software with the best quality to satisfy end-users.


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