Software Quality Assurance For Beginners

Quality assurance is a process which determines compliance. Therefore, it determines if a product or service meets specific requirements.

Most companies have a quality assurance team. In other words, they consider quality to be primarily important.

Software Quality Assurance

When we talk about software quality assurance, it refers to software evaluation. In other words, testers see to it that software possess quality attributes to pass.

Quality assurance has an established set of guidelines which testers follow. That is, software must conform with these guidelines. As a result, software which passes quality assurance is of high quality.

Tips For Software QA Beginners

Everybody experience being a newbie. Regardless of what field it is, being new is quite hard at times.

In software quality assurance, it is just as hard. But with determination and dedication, it can be conquered. Here are some tips on how to make it in software QA.

Learn The Language

Primarily, you must learn the language. This refers to the terms and words used by developers when doing tasks. For example, they often use terms like “regression testing”, “performance testing”, and other equally confusing terms.

Learning the language of software quality assurance will no doubt put you in the right place. Familiarize yourself with terminologies and expressions.

If you are a newbie in the team, other team members will find it hard to communicate with you if you do not know their language. Remember time is important. They will not waste time explaining things to you in details.

Are you familiar with the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them”? Do it.

Do Not TakeThings Lightly

In every endeavor one must take things seriously. If you are new at something, show your dedication. Do your best and make sure you work hard to be successful.

An easygoing attitude might be your downfall. You new colleagues may see it as lack of interest on the job. So never take things lightly.

Dedication and hard work are key attributes one must possess. As a result, you will, no doubt succeed in your new career.

One Step At A Time

Yes, you are eager to learn. And yes, you are enthusiastic about it. Simmer down. Do not try to take things all at once.

Eagerness and enthusiasm are good points. But try to take it slow. Learning everything all at once may be futile in the end. If you fail, never give up. Continue learning and experimenting. Your determination will be rewarded in the end.

Create And Explore

Do not hold back. Being new does not mean you are deprived of your right to share your opinion and ideas. Try to create a test plan and see if it passes the criteria. If not, go over it and see where you went wrong. Although your test plan did not pass, do not see it as a failure. Take it constructively and, most importantly, learn from the mistakes.

In addition, try a little exploring. It is part of the learning process. You are, after all, on the learning stage. A little experiment now and then will not hurt. Just make sure it does not affect others too much.

Be Inquisitive

It never hurts to ask questions. When in doubt, ask questions. Being inquisitive shows your eagerness to learn and interest in the job. Speak up. Keeping things to your self will not make you productive.

Part of learning is to ask questions. Also reading. A wide reader is well-informed. Welcome change. In your chosen career, it will not help if you restrict your self to traditional methods.


If you set your sight on something, do your best to achieve it. You may be new in a particular field, but it will not stay that way forever.

If you want to succeed in your career, especially in software quality assurance, be open minded. Learn, learn, learn. Learn everything there is to learn about the field.

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