Role of Domain Experts in Test Automation

Role of Domain Experts in Test Automation

What is a domain expert?

To answer that question, the Domain expert is the one having special knowledge and skills. Primarily, this term refers to expert system software development. Domain experts are essential when it comes to automation testing.


Using test automation does not deny the fact that a domain expert is essential. A Domain is very common for all technologies. Domain expertise enables an expert to write business-driven scenarios to perform the actual business. Using domain expertise, software testing will become better than application testing done by an individual who lacks expertise in that said field.

Existence of automation and domain expertise

In the testing process, automation plays a significant role. However, it does not mean that automation is only an essential factor. Accelerating some aspects of testing can be possible by using automation. Nevertheless, this may cost a lot and makes domain expertise an option.

Fortunately, you do not need to eliminate automation to give way to domain expertise. Both can co-exist and work together. By this, they can do the project to generate more efficient and improved software products. Aside from that, domain expertise is beneficial in overseeing automation testing. It can cut down the costs that automation incurred.

Moreover, domain expertise can analyze and look at things that automation cannot do. They can be able to stress an application that no one can think of doing. Automation cannot be able to do that. They can work together because of what experts lack; the automation can provide and vice-versa.

It is not true that automation is better since it is more up to date and all. The main reason why experts are called “experts” is that they excel in their field. When talking about innovation and updates, it is much safer to say that experts are not left behind.


Of course, domain expertise can bring advantages, just like what automation does. Among the advantages are:

It can reduce training time. A person having domain expertise can be productive.

It is a good idea when it comes to business processes, functional workflow, as well as business rules. With that, it makes the understanding of the product requirement better.

It brings benefits to user interface features. It can be able to improve the look and feel of the application. Aside from that, it can also help in capturing bugs in the early stages of development.

It allows for better rapport and communication. We all know that communication is one crucial factor that helps in improving product quality. With good communication, experts and members of the team can work more effectively.

Final thoughts

It is indeed essential to have expertise. Being an expert in a certain field is an advantage in any aspect of life. This gives an edge among those who do not have that much knowledge on a creating field. However, being an expert is not an easy thing to achieve faster. It requires all the hard work, patience, determination, and learning. To be a domain expert, one has to invest to achieve goals. 

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