Reasons Why Software Projects Fail

A lack of time and planning, an absence of resources and an insufficient budget are all common reasons for failures with software. Communication is a must for completing a project on time, so, without a project manager, a project will likely become disjointed and ambiguous.

Lack of Communication

Another key aspect is the failure to set up effective communication channels and participative environment. Due to this, ideas or process flows get adrift and leads to lack of previews and interactions between the active project promoters and developers. At times standardized assumptions may lead to misunderstanding as standards may vary leading to business software failure.

Chasing Technology

Some managers are lured into the benefits of the latest available technology, and try to use it for their ongoing projects. This forces them to gravitate from the planning done at the design stage. This leads to the failure of the whole system, change in objectives, or failing to complete the project on time.

Development Downtime

Development downtime is one of the primary contributors to challenged or failed projects. Major factors that lead to software project failure are – application bug or error, environmental factors, infrastructure or software failure, virus, hacker, network/hardware failure and operator error.

No End-user Involvement

If the user’s point of view is not taken into consideration while developing the IT project you are definitely calling in for trouble. So failure to find and engage the right users to participate in the software development process is extremely disastrous.

Miscalculated Time and Budget Frames

Clients are always eager to have their projects rolled-out on time and even before the stipulated time at throw away prices. In most cases, this keenness of the client leads to developers agreeing to a rather shorter or unrealistic and non-negotiable time frame for the project delivery at meager rates. As a result, programmers are not able to deliver the project on time.

Was it Needed At All?

This is rather a surprising reason which attributes to a software project failure. Primarily in low-consensus and non-evaluative organizations that lack in leadership. And can defeat the whole purpose of investing time and money in developing the software.

Unfocused Executive Sponsors

Inactive leadership through non-effective executive sponsors is why IT projects fail. They are the people who keep the process ignited. And are primarily responsible for the success or failure of the project. So in most cases lack of time spent by these executive sponsors, or the complete lack of it, leads to project failures.

Failing to See the Bigger Picture

This can be one of the major reasons for the failure of a software project. The lack of foresight or stakeholders’ confidence can be a huge reason for the failure. That is, in seeing the bigger picture in developing the software. In hindsight this also tells us the importance of reviewing failure of a software project before starting a new project.

Lack of Quality Testing

In most projects, the importance given to coding is not given to testing. Honestly speaking testing calls for a greater integrity and likewise a role in the entire software development lifecycle. Casual testing, testing under non-real time environments contribute to testing failures. Bolder companies test their projects under live production environments.

Lack of Periodic Assessment

Lack of client induced and also developer mandated assessments. And failure in smartly establishing milestone points leads to improper assessments. Which leads to irreparable or catastrophic failures.

Reasons Why Software Projects Fail

To Wrap Up

Project failure can be defined as one or a combination of cost overruns, late deliveries, poor quality, and/or developing a product that does not get used. Regardless of their involvement during the planning stages, more often than not, software developers bear the brunt of the responsibility for such situations. However, closer examinations of the projects do not always show evidence of incompetence.

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