On-the-Budget Application Security

On-the-Budget Application Security

The process of developing, adding, and testing security features within applications is Application Security. This aims to prevent security weaknesses from threats like unauthorized access and modification. However, most of the time, application security may be expensive. Fortunately, some options enable you to have application security even you are on a budget. But first, let us get to know more about application security. 

Defining Application Security

Application security in a traditional way includes people, processes, and tools. The people involved are either security champions or advocates who are passionate about security. When it comes to the constituents, it includes developers, testers, program managers, product managers, people managers, as well as executives. 

Moreover, tapping into the OWASP universe is the key to application security if you are on a budget. OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project. This is a not-for-profit working group with the finest minds when it comes to application and software security. It involves volunteers creating open- source security projects, gathering a team to collaborate and cranking out the best tools on the planet. However, it does not mean that these projects do not pack a massive amount of value just because they are free. In fact, OWASP is the hidden gem in the world of security.

Set Goals and Go

For sure, you are likely to set goals regardless of how much money you have in your budget. Primarily, you would want to limit vulnerabilities in the deployed code. Your secondary goals will likely include building secure software and teaching developers to develop secure software. Similarly, you should also provide processes as well as tools for standardization of the application security. In addition, it also demonstrates the software security maturity by using metrics and assessment.

In most cases, people have a sizeable budget that can get to purchase whatever they need in order to ensure the success of their program. With the use of OWASP, you can enhance your program in some areas through the resources available. In other words, if you only have a small budget or no budget at all, OWASP is there to fill in the missing spaces on your plan.

Awareness, Knowledge, and Education Programs

Categorized as awareness, knowledge, and education, it composes the first group of OWASP projects. These are focusing more on preparing the people in your organization in order to understand and apply the right ways of securing applications.

  • Cheatsheets
  • Top ten
  • Juice shop
  • Proactive controls
  • The process and measurement projects

Process and measurement made up the second group of OWASP projects. This group helps you to define, manage, and measure your program. 

  • Testing guide
  • ASVS
  • OpenSAMM
  • Code review guide
  • Application threat modeling



Tools are the third set of OWASP projects. It provides automated methods to extend your programs’ capabilities with a small investment in time.

  • Core ruleset
  • Dependency check
  • ZAP

Ultimately, while OWASP is free, the headcount is not. To support your program, you should plan for the headcount. OWASP has a robust chapter program, so you can connect with other OWASP enthusiasts within your locale. At the same time, you can also join the movement by starting a new project or collaborating on an existing one. To enable application security on a budget, it takes an industry working together. 

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