Making the Software QA Team Productive

Making the software QA team productive is a team effort. However, it generally depends on how the team is handled.

Proper Tools

Equip your team with the proper tools adjusted to your process. A testing team needs a set of specialized tools for test planning and execution to maintain productivity. The solutions you choose can seriously boost the productivity of your organization. That is why it’s so important to choose the right tools.

When picking tools for your team, take various aspects into account. For instance, the economy of usage, functionality, efficiency, or your budget. In my experience, one of the most critical factors is the ability of the tool to adapt to your testing process. Since every operation is specific, not every device will match your needs.

If you use Jira Software to manage software development projects, consider adding a specialized app from the Atlassian Marketplace that will enrich Jira with testing functionalities. TestFLO is an excellent example of an app that is deeply integrated with Jira and very flexible to enable exact configuration to match a given testing process.


Direct communication is the key to successful coordination between team members. Innovative technologies help teams exchange information through a variety of communication tools. But sometimes, that is not enough. If team members communicate only through these channels of communication, they should be aware that delays and misunderstandings may happen.

In other words, nothing beats direct face-to-face communication. Getting someone on the phone or video conferencing is another smart way team members can get all the information they need quickly.

Software testers often need additional information from software developers or business analysts to perform tests. They need a method for quickly communicating a problem they discovered. But they also require a communication strategy that enables them to help developers in reproducing issues. Direct collaboration and communication between various team members, is critical to improving the productivity of the testing team, as well as other teams that are part of the project.

If the entire project team cannot work in a single place – for example, because teams are too large or work in remote – make sure to organize regular online meetings between team members who collaborate directly. Establish standards for video and voice communication to ensure that the transmission of information is more accurate and faster.

Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Companies create software for a given domain such as finance, transportation, public administration, and many others. That is why the domain knowledge of your testing team can be so valuable depending on the project in which they take participate.
Considerable knowledge in a given area allows testers to understand the functional and business requirements of the software better. That type of understanding has a significant impact on the productivity of a testing team. Organize a special training session with someone who knows the context for a given project. This will spread domain knowledge. Another good idea is distributing materials among team members to help them prepare for participating in new projects.

To Wind Up

The software QA testing team plays a vital role in software testing and development. The quality of a software application is dependent on the result of the tests that QA testers perform. Therefore, the QA testing team needs to be productive and effective.

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