Looking at a Software Tester’s Journey

To be a software tester is an onerous responsibility. Many people have decided to pursue a career in software testing. Hence, because of all the possibilities, advancements, and learning opportunities. And of course, because it pays very well. The journey a tester has to take to succeed is a hard one. Let us get to know the software tester better.

What is a Software Tester

A software tester is a technician who conducts prescribed tests on software programs and applications before their implementation. Thus, to ensure quality, design integrity, and proper functionality. They apply rigorous testing methods. Hence, including extensive end-user simulations to uncover program “bugs” which are then eliminated by the software programmers.

Software testers usually works under the quality assurance team of a company. They perform an important part when talking about the entire software development process. They identify and resolve all bugs and defects in the software. Therefore delivering software with the highest quality to end-users.

How to Be a Software Tester

You do not just be a software tester overnight. There are factors such as education, experience, and skills. These factors contribute to making a tester’s journey challenging.


To be a software tester, one has to have a degree. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, math or engineering is considered.


In the quality assurance world, however, having a lot of experience and credible work references can help to land a job as a software tester. A solid letter of recommendation and a stable work history can help, too. Hence, no need for a degree, in this case.


A good software tester must have the necessary skills, not only to be effective but to be successful as well.


Creativity is one skill a software tester must-have. He or she must have the ability to think beyond what is expected. This is one skill of a software tester, which is very attractive.


  • It is always best to leave enough room for improvement. As technology is always presenting us with innovations, changes are bound to happen. Therefore, for a software tester to keep up, development is the answer.

Good Observation Skills

  • A keen eye and an observant one at that is essential for a tester to have. Logical and intellectual skills are needed to address issues appropriately. This is a priority for a tester to have a pleasant working environment and generate positive test results.

Knowledge about Automation Test

  • Testers must have sufficient knowledge about automation tests. A tester needs to know which tool to use and what methodologies to apply for automation tests. With this also comes the ability to know which test to automate and which must be done manually.


  • Technology is always on the move. A software tester must always consider studying as a continuous activity. Thus, to keep up with changes in technology. Not only will they learn new skills but new tools as well. Likewise, the latest trends in software testing. 

Excellent Communication Skills

Communicating with all the people involved in the software project is essential. This will help you inform them of things which they must know about. Also, you will be able to collaborate and coordinate with them through proper communication. This will lead to the success of a software project. 

Keen and Critical

This means having an observant attitude. Being keen about details will help a tester cover everything. Therefore, there will be no need to go through the process over again. Hence, reducing costs.

To Wind Up

A software tester’s job is not easy. And the journey to his success is tough. However, equipped with the skills of an effective software tester, success will be a breeze.


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